The Wonderful World of Motivation

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Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News looked at the lives of two celebrities who left obesity in the past, citing very different sources of motivation. Today, let’s take an overview of the motivations named by a bunch of youngsters. They’re not celebrities, and in fact, out of respect for their privacy, we aren’t even given their full […]

Which Came First, and Who Has it Worse?

Kovalam Beach

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is an age-old question that capsulizes the mystery of causation. One of the areas where it applies is childhood obesity. Do kids start by being in emotional pain and adopt comfort eating as a palliative measure? Or do the excessive eating and consequent weight gain start first, […]

Childhood Obesity and Quality of Life


A little over 10 years ago, research was done on the quality of life experienced by children in various life situations. The starting point was a prior study that had compared the quality of life experienced by young cancer patients with children who suffered from congenital heart disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes. […]

Dr. Pretlow in Contemporary Pediatrics

I shouldn't have had the dessert

The September issue of Contemporary Pediatrics rounded up the opinions of several experts on the question of how to make a difference in reducing the alarming rate of childhood obesity. The author, Lisette Hilton, found that they agree on one thing: telling children and parents “eat less and exercise more” doesn’t work. Communication is a problem, starting […]

Doctors and Regular People, Part 3

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Childhood Obesity News has been looking at some of the mistakes doctors make, but what could they be doing differently, and correctly? Dr. Pretlow believes in the usefulness of asking obese kids about their lives and feelings, especially the feelings that make them seek food. He has been doing this for many years, through the […]

A Problematic Holiday for Childhood Obesity


Dr. Pretlow would very much like to see a new, improved Halloween, because the way things are now, it’s all about sabotage. Even kids who have stayed pretty close to the healthful eating path the rest of the year have trouble keeping their behavior in line with their intentions when October 31 rolls around. We […]

Vanquish Food Cravings With “W8 Loss 2 Go”

July 7 2009

As Childhood Obesity News has mentioned before, a large part of the human race seems to have lost the instinct that tells a healthy animal what to eat and what to avoid. This instinct needs to be recovered or recreated, similar to what Dr. Pretlow writes on the topic of kids who have addressed their […]

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Part 2


Not long ago, we looked at some of Kevin Richardson’s ideas about the obesity epidemic and quoted one of his sayings, which is worth repeating: The ideal consumer is a confused consumer. Confusion can be created in many ways. In discussing the deleterious effects of advertising on the consuming public, Richardson gives the example of […]

INSULA, a Residential Treatment Center

Brodie Mountain Road

Humans have a built-in susceptibility to addiction and, as we have discussed before, the foodlike substances known as hedonic or hyper-palatable foods are purposely designed and engineered to exploit that addiction-prone tendency. Hedonic foods are, basically, foods that are made to be eaten — made only to be eaten. On a nutritional basis, they have […]

Social Networking and Obesity, Part 6

Superhero Squad

So, we were discussing the positive effects of social networking via electronic devices, and how the Pew Research Center’s findings show, among other things, that social networkers are more likely to be politically active. This is a good thing, because the childhood obesity epidemic seems to be in need of some political intervention, especially at […]

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