Let’s Get Morbid About Childhood Obesity


Childhood Obesity News rounds up the posts that deal with morbid obesity in children and adults, its causes and treatment possibilities.

Where Did the World’s Biggest Boy Go?


What happened to Dzhambulat Khatokhov, the “world’s heaviest child” at some point? He would be 17 now, and is nowhere to be found.

Always More Dots to Connect


Obesogenic microbiota has a far-reaching influence on glucose homeostasis in diabetes and long-term obesity in general.

The Appetite Dot


When the brain and the digestive organs communicate about appetite, hormones are involved, and the gut microbiome also intervenes.

Meet Leptin


Why do we overeat? Childhood Obesity News looks at leptin and ghrelin, hormones connected with hunger and food cravings.

Clues to an Elusive Ghrelin-Microbiome Tie

Childhood Obesity News keeps exploring the links between obesity, some childhood obesity “villains,” microbiomes, ghrelin, and cravings.

The Cravings Dot


Childhood Obesity News has been connecting the dots between the role of the gut microbiome in obesity or the absence thereof.

The Antibiotic Dot


Research shows a link between antibiotics, premature births, hearing loss, obesity, epigenetics, and microbiomes.

The Autism Dot


Childhood Obesity News looks at the microbiomes’ relationship to allergies and addiction, as well as the obesity-autism connection.

Two Obesity Books


It’s worth examining why some health professionals are averse to promoting healthy eating and exercise as a solution for childhood obesity.

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