What Are Phthalates and Why Should We Care?


No matter how you feel about phthalates, they are almost impossible to avoid because of their presence in food, water and air.

More on Keeping an Eye on the CDC


Sometimes, when corporations offer financial aid, they may have shady motives, and the intent to exert improper and harmful influence on the political side.

Coca-Cola and the Government — Why So Suspicious?


This post talks about the International Food Information Council, a propaganda arm of the Coca-Cola Company and the American Beverage Association, among others.

Keeping an Eye on the CDC


Coke’s ability to permeate every nook and crevice of life on planet Earth is uncanny, and we’ve been looking into its relationship with CDC.

Coca-Cola and the CDC


We’ve been following the developments around the appointment of Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald as director of the CDC and its relationship with the Coca-Cola Company.

New CDC Leadership Has Critics


At the CDC, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald took over a government agency which Coca-Cola executives have been fairly open about their attempts to influence.

Coca-Cola and the Presidential Candidate


This is a convoluted story of political machinations involving the Coca-Cola Company, so buckle up.

Addicted to What?


Perhaps not all obesity is attributable to what Pr. Pretlow calls “the very powerful addiction of excessive food amounts,” but to whatever degree it holds sway.

Microbiome Revelations Continue


When the microbiome becomes altered, is it because of the inadequate diet? Or are the harmful changes indirect, caused by conditions created by obesity?

The Microbiome Shares Its Secrets


We are discussing microbiome awareness and ways that could possibly help people maintain normal weight without spending thousands on debilitating operations.

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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