More Obesity Villains Identified in Media

Peppa Pig

The latest candidates for childhood obesity villains in the media are chubby cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson and Peppa Pig. Homer Simpson is perhaps over-familiar, but childless people might not be cognizant of the 5-year-old little British girl pig, star of a cartoon show whose humor is designed to impress toddlers and preschoolers. The […]

Fatlogic’s Power to Cloud Minds

pregnant flea market attender

The ability to think rationally and the ability to rationalize are quite different. Rational thinking starts with observing the world, before drawing conclusions about it. Conversely, rationalization starts with conclusions that a person has already come to, and then takes bits and pieces of reality and bends them to serve its unhealthy purpose. Dr. Pretlow […]

Fat-Shaming has Become a Thing

x-ray of a 900-pound man

We already had racism, faith-based bigotry, and several other varieties of divisive doctrines. Wasn’t that enough to deal with? Apparently not, because now fat-shaming has become a “thing.” One of the weird aspects of this type of prejudice is that obese people are by no stretch of the imagination a minority. There is a world-wide […]

Fatlogic and Self-Deception

where I keep my genetics

One of the most popular fatlogic tropes is the genetic theory. It is true that a certain amount of obesity is genetically determined. However, this is often seen as a poor excuse—not only by people who have no weight problem, but by formerly obese people who have “been there, done that” and no longer accept […]

Fat Acceptance and Fat-Shaming


Shouldn’t every person have the right to feel good about herself or himself? One of the great paradoxical tenets of the psychological health profession is that change must be preceded by self-acceptance. You have to be okay with yourself as you are before you can move on. In’s fatlogic interest group, someone proposed the […]

Reddit Tackles Fat-Shaming

Four People

Recently, to the astonishment of some and the relief of others, the gigantic Reddit website permanently banned five forums, or subreddits, of which two were devoted to fat-shaming. One of them, r/HamPlanetHatred, had only about 3,000 members while the other, r/FatPeopleHate, boasted nearly 150,000. Caitlin Dewey described them for the Washington Post: r/HamPlanetHatred In their […]

The Goldilocks Syndrome and The New Normal

Who's been eating MY porridge_

Childhood Obesity News has been discussing how, for some time now, people have been referring to obesity as “the new normal.” This normalization is related to the growth of the “Goldilocks Syndrome.” The term has more than one meaning, but in the context of childhood obesity, it refers to the tendency of parents to perceive […]

Overweight/Obesity as the New Normal

Rebecca Lowe Models

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” That saying has been around since before the year 1500. Such proverbs live so long in the human consciousness because they are adaptable to many situations. For instance, a paraphrase could be, “In the land of 300-pound humans, the 200-pounder is a runway model.” […]

An Overlooked and Under-Served Obese Population: the Deaf

Cheerleader in Air take #1

We are familiar with the idea that in the United States, children of color are more susceptible to forces, including their own genetic makeup, that cause childhood obesity. There is another demographic whose vulnerability has nothing to do with race: the deaf. The conjunction of deafness and obesity is studied by an organization signified by […]

How the Tax Movement Fared in 2011

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Childhood Obesity News has been looking back at some of the attempts to curb obesity by making it more expensive, a tactic that seems to have had success with smoking. There are obvious differences between the two behaviors. Nicotine is a substance that anyone could quite easily go without for an entire lifetime. Food is […]

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