Child Obesity and Unhealthy Beliefs


Fat-Loss-Web The distress of being obese must be dreadful. But it’s a form of distress that is familiar and known, while change is difficult and scary. One of the oldest clichés is, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Dr. Pretlow has remarked, “A main obstacle seems to be that people really, really […]

Child Obesity — Does Negative Motivation Work?


Britain’s National Obesity Observatory, in a paper on obesity and mental health, recommends focusing on psychological factors rather than on weight loss per se. Especially for the obese child, social support is the primary concern. As we have seen from the life stories of former obese children, an increase of social support at an early age […]

Rejecting Fat Logic

Serenity Prayer

“Acceptance” is a word that conjures up visions of maturity, tolerance, and compassion. On the most basic level, fat acceptance is necessary for everyone. An obese person has to learn to love her/himself in order to care enough to make positive physical changes. The first step toward love is acceptance. It’s very important to accept […]

Childhood Obesity — a How and Why Story

Dramatic Fat Guy Splash

If there is a category of childhood obesity survivor superstars, the personality known as “boogie2988” (YouTube) and “uberwolf0” (Reddit) surely belongs in it. His YouTube channel contains hundreds of short videos — character sketches, talks about electronic gaming, and many other interesting tidbits — including reminiscences from the life of someone who has always been […]

Revenge of the Obese Inner Child

Mother and Daughter (cartoon)

Like many professional comedians, Marc Maron might be called an equal-opportunity offender. The laugh is more important than anybody’s feelings. When accused of insensitivity by a fan, Maron first reflected on how, culturally, “there seems to be a license to make fun of the obese.” But then, he says, he “had to track it down in […]

The Many Faces of Fat-Shaming


Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News looked at the public outcry and media flurry that resulted from public service billboards in Tel Aviv, Israel, that were characterized by many as “fat-shaming.” Jewish Journal blogger Julie Bien offered a personal perspective on weight bias, recalling an incident when, at the age of 6, she was taken clothes-shopping by her grandmother. […]

Fat-Shaming — Differences of Opinion

What's your excuse

Most people who cause a media stir don’t wait for months to answer critics, but Maria Kang did. Last October she reacted to something that had happened a year before. Eight months after giving birth, Kang posted on Facebook a picture of herself with the youngest child and her other two little boys, ages 2 […]

Another Perspective on the Motivation Process

Strange Statue

Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News considered the stages of change identified by behavioral-change expert James Prochaska and his colleagues. They are not the only professionals who have identified such stages. A while back, we looked at the thoughts of popular media personality Dr. Phil, who authored a “Readiness Profile” quiz that can be taken by people contemplating a life […]

One View of the Motivation Process

In Shadows

Even when a person feels that she or he woke up one morning and suddenly was motivated to make a life change, and even if the narrative is told that way, it’s probably not quite accurate. More likely, increments of change had been percolating and accumulating, one step at a time, in the person’s subconscious. […]

Tom Arnold and Implicit Motive

Tom Arnold

When actor Tom Arnold was 4 years old, his alcoholic mother left the family. As he grew a bit older, she would occasionally visit and give Tom a dollar, which in the old days would buy 10 large candy bars. He would lay out the treats on his bed and tell himself, “I’m not going […]

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