Advertising Roundup


There is so much to say about television advertising and children, we made a five-part series exploring the ugliness.

The Struggle Against Advertising


Children don’t have the intelligence, experience, or judgment to know when a message should be ignored, so legislating advertising to kids is a good idea.

Leaky Gut Syndrome — the Big Reveal


There are reasons to believe that Leaky Gut Syndrome is a serious condition, which does the body harm and is linked to obesity.

Glyphosate, Leaky Gut Syndrome, the Microbiome, and Obesity


There are a lot of reasons to dislike glyphosate, including its link with obesity and its proclivity for promoting leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Obesity


Allergies correlate with obesity. And if Bt toxin kills kidney cells, it probably can do other things that we don’t know about yet.

Getting to Know Leaky Gut Syndrome


A number of the same conditions and symptoms appears to be linked with obesity, imbalance of the microbiome, and leaky gut syndrome.

Why the Leaky Gut Syndrome?


There is a relationship between high fructose corn syrup and the obesity epidemic, and there is a relationship between HFCS and leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky Gut Syndrome — Is It a Thing?


The auto-immune responses and resulting inflammation can set off an internal chain reaction that includes depression and fatigue.

Emotions, Comfort and Food


Children are unable to handle emotional turmoil and turn to comfort eating. This eating and behavior pattern increases the risk of obesity.

Emotions and Food, a Sad Legacy


When parents punish or dismiss the sad or angry feelings of a child it leads to more sad and angry feelings, and eventually, to a crisis.

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