“Dieting” for Weight Loss


Some studies suggest that the reducing diet accomplishes neither weight loss nor anything but frustration and feelings of failure.

Another Look at Long-Term Weight Loss


When it comes to maintaining long-term weight loss, people need to know how to use their energy for self-betterment rather than self-destruction, among other things.

The Discouraging Root of Much Despair


Predictors of long-term weight-loss maintenance have not been clearly identified because, in large part, there is scarcity of long-term data to test hypotheses.

The Fat Pharmacy


Not everybody can afford the delivery of pre-measured meals or the services of a personal trainer, but almost everybody can afford pills.

The Pharmacological Rationale


Claims made about anti-obesity drugs need to be carefully examined as they haven’t been tested for very long on people who need them most.

Obesity From Different Perspectives


Considering the proportions and implications of the obesity crisis humanity can’t afford to dismiss any ideas. We’re grasping at straws.

Obesity Through the Pharmacological Lens


Patients and doctors can become discouraged by the elephant they can’t seem to evict from the room: The fact that weight loss rarely lasts.

Aspects of the Sugar Battle in Britain


The question of the proposed sugar tax in the U.K. has been a bone of contention. Will it happen, or will it not?

Sugar — The Battle in Britain


Childhood Obesity News has been tracking the anti-sugar movement as it manifests in the United Kingdom.

Where Obesity Starts


Today we take a closeup look at where eating starts, and where, by logical extension, most obesity starts — the human mouth.

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