What British People Debate in Pubs


Rather than merely dispensing nutrition advice, we need to teach how to cope with life challenges and encourage change in overweight people’s behavior.

Drama in the United Kingdom


Some proponents are leveraging their support for the proposed sugar tax against assurances the the government will do more to curb obesity.

U.K. Sugar Tax Opponents Have Their Say

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The sugar tax opponents in the U.K. will diplomatically concede that a sugar tax might work — if sugar were the sole cause of obesity — which, alas, it is not.

Everything Else You Know About Fat Is Wrong


Is what you know about fat wrong? Childhood Obesity News explores the latest research findings on this complex organ and its links to the obesity epidemic.

Everything You Know About Fat Is Wrong


Low-fat processed foods are not remarkably delicious on their own. Add massive injections of sugar and salt, wrap it in a gaudy package, and we’ve got a winner.

Epigenetics and Grandkids

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Research proves that some epigenetic changes can be passed along to children and even grandchildren.

What’s Up With Epigenetics?


As if the multi-factorial plague of obesity were not complicated enough already, it seems that epigenetics must be counted in the equation.

Bitter Success in the U.K.


Studies indicate that the average British child ingests the equivalent of five doughnuts’ worth of “hidden sugar” each and every day.

Great Britain’s Long Journey


Childhood Obesity News continues to chronicle various aspects of the struggle to institute a sugar tax in Great Britain.

In Great Britain, the Beat Goes On


Childhood Obesity News has accused soda, pizza and potato snacks of being incomparable obesity villains, but breakfast cereal is in that class too.

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