Stress, the Immune System, and the Microbiome


Do abnormalities in the gut influence the brain, or do abnormalities in the brain influence the gut?

The Mental-Emotional Dots


Why do people compulsively overeat? How does it compensate for the disappointments of life? Is binge eating a behavioral addiction?

Mood, Happiness, Obesity, and Resistant Starch


When the wrong populations of bacteria get out of control they can stir up depression and anxiety disorders. What is going on down there?

Early Inklings of the Gut-Brain Axis


How could the microscopic creatures in our gastrointestinal tract impact our mental and emotional health? Studies show they do.

Tracking the United Kingdom


This post continues to follow the progress of efforts to end child obesity in the United Kingdom.

That Month Comes Around Again


Why is Childhood Obesity News not making a bigger deal out of National Child Obesity Awareness Month? Well, around here, that’s every month.

Some Possibly Missing Pieces


Children overeat to cancel out bad feelings. This age-old problem is unlikely to be solved by a brochure.

Sweets and Tax in the United Kingdom


With a childhood obesity rate of up to 40 percent in the United Kingdom, the struggle against obesity has been ferocious and divisive.

More About the Love Diet


No one can overcome obesity until emotional problems are addressed, as in most cases they revolve around the inability to love oneself.

The Love Diet


An emotional eater will eat anything, and with most people, it all comes down to emotional eating.

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