Fat-Shamed — 34,000 Facebook Comments


Brynne Huffman’s Facebook post garnered more than 34,000 comments and almost 170,000 “Likes” in a single day. What could inspire so many responses?

Mindfulness Background


Patients who are obese because of emotional problems have a million triggers to deal with on a daily basis, soothing their discomfort by eating.

Another Teen Surgery Compendium


Bariatric surgery is the only obesity treatment that has resulted in significant long-term weight loss, but there is a 20%-30% failure rate for teen weight-loss surgery.

Globesity and Its Numbers


Studies show that in the developing world, childhood obesity is “an exploding nightmare.” The entire world has become an obesogenic environment fraught with risk factors.

The Unending Quest for More Research


Unfortunate misunderstandings were fostered by bureaucrats, news reporters and editors when the President spoke about the obesity epidemic.

Hoax or Honest Mistake, Reportage Gave False Hope


The increase in obesity rates had slowed down since 2005, but decelerated growth is hardly the same as a decrease, despite some studies and claims.

Willpower, Ego Depletion, and Mindfulness


Willpower is not a muscle that grows with exercise. It becomes worn out with use, and a lot of research backs it up. How does it stack up against the concept of “mindfulness” as a pathway to healthful eating?

Many Aspects of Bariatric Surgery for Teens


Over the past few years, the idea of performing irreversible, life-altering surgery on young people has become normalized.

Advertisers and the Super Bowl


Since mid-80s, Pepsi had sponsored Super Bowl halftime shows and made multi-million-dollar deals with megastars like Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Prince.

Celebrities Are Loved and Shamed


Stars like Beyonce and Katy Perry have been criticized for the promotion of sugar-sweetened beverages. But why should anyone begrudge them their juicy corporate contracts?

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