An Assortment of Suggested Obesity Causes

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The introduction can be found in yesterday’s post, so let’s jump right into a pile of things that have been named as obesity villains. Childhood Obesity News neither endorses nor refutes these by listing them, but merely reports on the possibilities. Both American and Canadian medical authorities have recommended that parents and caregivers arrange for […]

Teens and Bariatric Surgery – Even More History

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Early in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration obligingly began to allow the marketing of laparoscopic gastric banding surgery  to people who were not morbidly obese and whose lives were not immediately threatened by their weight. As the L.A. Times put it: The approval allows Allergan to market the device to patients with a body […]

Teens and Bariatric Surgery – More History

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Yesterday, we started to examine a lengthy article by Debra Sherman, part of which concerned two bariatric surgeons who ran a clinic under the auspices of New York University, and another doctor who brought them unwelcome publicity. A reader might have wondered, “But what does this have to do with teenagers?” That part is coming […]

Teens and Bariatric Surgery – Some History

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By way of tracing the recent history of bariatric surgery as applied to teenagers, Childhood Obesity New looked at a comprehensive special report compiled by Debra Sherman for Reuters more than five years ago. It begins by recounting the ordeal of a courageous whistleblower (or possibly a misguided troublemaker) who worked at the Langone Medical […]

Who is Steve Miller and Why Does He Want to Incarcerate Parents?

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Over in the United Kingdom, Steve Miller is known for several activities. As a Weight Loss Master, he teaches mindset and motivation, and is a great believer in willpower as the impetus and fuel for weight loss. A person can buy a series of personal coaching sessions via phone or Skype. Miller’s homepage says he […]

Globesity – How Bad Can It Get?


It is a challenge to find a source that has a good word to say about the future of globesity. Mostly, the prognosis is grim and the predictions are dire. The World Obesity Federation predicts that by the year 2025, one billion of Earth’s grownups will be obese. According to projections made by the McKinsey […]

Obesity and Making a Living

Ms Pat

Comedian Ms. Pat talks about how the local kids participate in the time-honored mischief of ringing doorbells and running away. She tells her son to stay out of it because, being so fat that his thighs rub together, he would be the one to get caught, and potentially shot, because some of the homeowners have […]

Halloween Attitudes

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For anyone who hasn’t had enough Halloween lore in our recent compendia of past Halloween posts, there is plenty more where that came from. At this time of year the blogosphere, the zeitgeist, and the cultural milieu all seem to focus intensely on Halloween, and they don’t all think the same way. In regard to […]

Obesity Will Cost the Future

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It seems like every time you turn around, another bleak prediction appears. In 2014, The Lancet revealed that about 2.1 billion of the Earth’s inhabitants—about one-third of the entire population—were overweight. And of that number, about 670 million qualified for obesity status. Earlier this year, the same journal published a six-part series on the obesity […]

The Message of WALL-E


WALL-E (released in 2008) won both critical and popular success, making good money and winning several important awards. It inspired the manufacture of action figures, a video game, and even a specialized Lego set. Although it is classified as a science fiction comedy, WALL-E’s dark themes encompass corporatism, consumerism, and ruination of the Earth to […]

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