Some Functional Beverages


Instead of appreciating pure water we “enhance” it for “premium hydration” — but are functional beverages, including cold-pressed juice, better for your health?

Emerging Beverages Aim for Weight Loss Market


Childhood Obesity News continues to explore some of the ways that humans have invented to adulterate nature’s perfect liquid. Strangely, criticism of “value-added water” is not as easy to find as might be expected. The idea that water is inadequate to the task of hydration has become normalized. What is wrong with us humans that we […]

Another Kind of Water Pollution?


Is value-added water what it claims to be? Why must water taste of anything at all?

“Value-Added Water” — What the Heck?


The beverage industry continues to make unacceptable moves. There is no respite from the assault upon our bodies and our intelligence.

Soft Science, Hard Science, and Dads


Happy Father’s Day to the dads who consciously try to have a positive influence on their children’s self-images, and try to keep junk food out of the home.

And Still More on Fathers and Obesity


Whether or not fathers realize it, the behavior they model matters a lot, be it sitting down for a family meal or shunning vegetables.

More Fathers and Obesity


Statistics show that children in homes without fathers face higher risks of child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and childhood obesity.

Fathers and Obesity


Epigenetic markers reveal that dads and their eating patterns can have previously unexpected effects on babies, even before conception.

Additional Posts About Cravings


Compulsive overeating appears to be at least as much a behavioral addiction as a substance addiction. This post revisits the subject of food cravings.

Encyclopedia of Cravings


This is the fourth Childhood Obesity News post collecting some of the highlights of all the posts about food cravings and the research behind the theories.

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