The Confusing World of Fat Shame


One problem with the culture’s insistence on fat-shaming is that it encourages a certain type of man to feel entitled to judge every female figure in sight.

Fat-Shaming, Science, and Art


Studies show that certain factors like the FTO and microbiome influence us in ways we cannot do anything about, and no amount of fat-shaming would change that.

Government Official Credits Being Big to Chocolate Milk

Sec. Perdue is meeting with with Senator Claire McCaskill.

Newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue rolled back some Obama-era school lunch rules, but every story has two sides.

New Leadership at USDA


The USDA recently acquired a new Big Boss, Sonny Perdue, who once ran a fertilizer business and then spent several years as governor of Georgia.

Culture, Health, and the Appalling Thing About Teenagers


The kids who are drinking even one sugar-sweetened beverage per week are more than twice as likely already to be obese by the time they start kindergarten.

Coke Again


Drinking, throughout the day, anything but water is a subset of grazing. Excessive eating or drinking is as much an addiction as snorting cocaine or gambling.

The Battle for Impressionable Minds


Let’s continue to slog through the complicated history of the United Kingdom’s effort to quell obesity.

Recent Obesity-Related Kerfuffles


The most recent food-related “scandals” involved the research being funded by the food industry, mislabeled olive oil, shady marketing practices, and more.

Where Did Pokemon Go?


We don’t hear much about Pokemon GO anymore. Did people simply stop wanting to play? Did it have anything to do with the health benefits or lack thereof?

Elusive Motivation


How are kids supposed to know there is something better to reach for? It’s even harder without ever having been introduced to positive feelings.

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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