Appetite, Its Lack, and the Microbiome


It appears that the microbiome is able to influence appetite and its delinquent sister, craving.

A Bouquet of Morbid Obesity Posts


Millions of children are afflicted with morbid obesity before they even get a chance to have any say in the matter.

Diet, Set Point, and Mindfulness


The more strenuously a person tries to reach a weight below her or his predetermined “set point,” the harder the body will fight back.

Mindfulness and Obesity


Mindfulness is asking, “What am I doing right now?” and being aware of the true answer. Practicing it can help emotional eaters.

Obesity in Four Books and a Theater Piece


Several recent books deal with such issues as the underlying causes of obesity, bullying, eating disorders, and disdain for the overweight.

What’s Up With Healthful Snack Boxes?


Several online companies delivers healthful, natural snacks to the subscriber at regular intervals, but is snacking a form of binge eating?

The Overweight Pet Blues


When a child or pet is given an edible treat to cover depression, anxiety, isolation, emotional pain, or stress, it could lead to addiction.

Pet-Parents, Obesity, and Canine Focus


One of the major causes for obesity for both kids and pets seems to be parental co-dependency — buying affection with food.

The Many Similarities Between Kids and Pets

There are many similarities between the needs of kids and pets when it comes to obesity, such as exercise and connection with nature.

Dr. Pretlow’s Newest Publication


Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News mentioned the previous posts that have dealt with the role of pets in combatting overweight and obesity in kids. Today, we start by looking back over the posts about the serious and widespread problem of obese pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that in America, 54% of dogs and […]

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