Kellogg — Good Corp, Bad Corp

[Kellogg World Headquarters]

Previously, Childhood Obesity News considered the strange split personality of Kellogg. The corporation has donated money and support to a lot of good causes. For instance, FoodCorps (part of AmeriCorps) is an organization with more than 100 local groups in 31 states. It subsidizes 50 workers, by paying them stipends, to work on projects to […]

Childhood Obesity and Boredom

[graffiti that reads 'boredom']

In his examination of the life of novelist and MacArthur Fellow David Foster Wallace, D.T. Max noted, “With the help of researchers, Wallace assembled hundreds of pages of research on boredom, trying to understand it at an almost neurological level.” “They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom,” goes the lyric of a Leonard Cohen […]

Advice from the Formerly Fat

[montage of junk food]

The website Reddit is a font of crowd-sourced wisdom, where many people pass along the lessons they learned the hard way. In the “fat people stories” sections, the obese refer to themselves by the ruefully humorous term “hamplanet,” and this tip comes from a page called “You might be a hamplanet if…” It advises careful self-scrutiny […]

Therapy and the Formerly Obese

[boy looks askance at woman, with caption 'So you're telling me ... people pay people to tell them to eat less?]

Depression can be caused by interpersonal difficulties, and can in turn can cause further difficulties in getting along with other people. For people prone to overeating, this can result in a vicious cycle where social malaise causes unhealthy eating patterns, which in turn lead to more problematic social interactions. Any childhood obesity intervention needs to take […]

Another Fat-Shaming Accusation

[photo of Adam Richman on a restaurant wall]

A new TV show called Man Finds Food was set to premiere last week, but the Travel Channel has postponed it because the would-be host, Adam Richman, is in disgrace. After earning a master’s degree in fine arts from Yale, Richman traveled the country working in many facets of the restaurant industry. He created episode […]

PATHS, Pathways and Peer Pressure

[little boy playing in back yard]

Childhood Obesity News has been looking at the school-based intervention program Pathways to Health, which grew out of the risk-behavior reduction program known as PATHS. Pathways to Health is all about sharpening and strengthening Executive Cognitive Function (ECF). The object is to avoid and prevent obesity by learning impulse control, emotional regulation, and other related coping […]

PATHS and Pathways to Health

[children dancing]

The school-based program called Pathways to Health, which is concerned with obesity prevention, developed out of an earlier program called PATHS that was designed to prevent violence and substance abuse. While they may appear to be very different problems, at the most elemental level violence, substance abuse, and obesity all qualify as risk behavior, and […]

A PE Teacher Reaches Out

[row of trophies]

Some kids are more sensitive than others and have a lower tolerance for teasing and bullying. This kind of persecution is bad enough when it originates from peers, but when a teacher or a coach says cruel things, many overweight children react by sliding into disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. A report from the National […]

Corporate Muscle Maintains Childhood Obesity

[shadows of man and child on pavement]

Some news stories remain current and relevant for a long time. For instance, one branch of the United Nations is the Food and Agriculture Organisation, whose mission is “to make sure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives.” Four years ago during FAO’s Compassion in World Farming Conference, speakers […]

Girl Scouts on Wrong Path to Healthy Living

little girl poses with box of Girl Scout cookies

Back in 2001, the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota surveyed 234 Girl Scouts and found that almost one-third of them were trying to lose weight. Most of these children were doing sensible things like shunning high-fat foods and engaging in more exercise. Here’s the scary part: 12 girls said they were […]

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