Obesity in the United Kingdom


In the UK, the National Health Service announced that one in every 34 urgent care admissions was due to overweight or obesity.

What Can Mindfulness Do, Exactly?


When it comes to eating, mindfulness can protect us against inner urges by teaching us how to evaluate and reinterpret scrambled messages.

Mindful Eating Tips


To mark World Obesity Day (Oct.11) the UK College of Contemporary Health published a free e-book, “Top 10 Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating.”

Remodeling Halloween


What can we do to make Halloween candy collection less important? One option is to shift the emphasis to creativity and participation.

Halloween — a Paradigm Shift


Here’s a quick rundown of the insidious ways Halloween could do harm, along with some suggestions for “best practices.”

Coke in Colombia


In Colombia, right-wing paramilitary groups serve as private armies to protect the interests of Coca-Cola and other corporate entities.

Coke in Australia


Exploitation of the disadvantaged in countries with struggling economies inspires a deep dislike of Coca-Cola and its gang of sugar pushers.

Coke in South Africa


Coca-Cola loves to invest in emerging markets, and it’s in the middle of a 10-year plan calling for $17 billion worth of investment in the African continent.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on the World Stage


A recent CSPI report says soda manufacturers invest “heavily to boost consumption in low- and middle-income countries.”

Rankled by Rankings


A Duke University study shows that each obese child will incur about $20,000 worth of lifetime costs for health problems related to obesity.

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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