Coke Spends Its Money Widely


It would have been nice to go back to ignoring the Coca-Cola Company for a while, but it is such a busy corporation, the notices keep piling up. Regarding 2015, the final quarter alone provided plenty of fodder for criticism as the company appeared to be making payoffs in return for good publicity and reduced […]

Gabriel Iglesias Validates Science


In a very recent post, we quoted Dr. Ruopeng An, whose research team determined that… If people simply substitute diet beverages for sugar-sweetened beverages, it may not have the intended effect because they may just eat those calories rather than drink them. This has been confirmed by an expert, namely world-class comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who says […]

Coke in Mexico


As a nation rife with obesity, Mexico ranks even above the U.S. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, senior author of a recent Tufts University study, has this to say: In Mexico, where more than 10 percent of the population has diabetes, approximately 30 percent of the deaths among people under age 45 are due to sugary drinks… Mexico […]

Sugar Is the Alcohol of Childhood


On a list of the the most abused foods in America sugar-sweetened beverages always score among the top entries. James Greenblatt, the chief medical officer of Walden Behavioral Care (treatment centers that concentrate on eating disorders), joins the chorus of voices that define sugar as addictive. Moreover, what was considered a normal portion size of soda in […]

How Coke Comported Itself Last Year


This picture shows the “Holidays Are Coming” truck, which yearly visits more than 40 locations in the United Kingdom. Last year, 2015, saw more pushback than ever, including harsh words from Parliament member Keith Vaz who said: The Coca-Cola truck is not welcome in Leicester, and this national tour to promote sugar-laden drinks is ill-judged and unwise […]

Specialized Types of Fatlogic


Twenty-two thousand is a pretty decent-size subject pool for a study, but the result given by this one could have been arrived at through mere common sense. The University of Illinois found that… […] diet-beverage consumers may compensate for the absence of calories in their drinks by noshing on extra food that is loaded with […]

More on Teen Bariatric Surgery Dangers

fat bottomed girls

While not much progress has been made in preventing childhood obesity, it is known that early is better – early as in pre-conception, if possible. It is more than clear that the younger a child starts being overweight, the longer that child will probably remain overweight, and the longer the overweight state lasts, the greater […]

Teen Bariatric Surgery – Successes and an Unrelated Failure

La plus grosse femme

The Teen-Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery, which is known as Teen-LABS for short, aims to document “the efficacy and complications of bariatric surgery in the adolescent surgical patient and its role in the overall management of obesity prior to and through the emerging years of adulthood.” The literature says, The goal of Teen-LABS is to […]

Teen Surgery – the Prophylactic Argument

Fat Cynthia

Is disease prevention a sufficient justification for performing surgery? Opponents of neonatal circumcision would say no; on the other hand, women with the genetic predisposition to breast cancer want the choice of bilateral mastectomy just in case. It is a thorny problem. More specifically, is it a good idea to operate on an overweight child […]

After Teen Surgery

Gastris sleeve-themed items by Etsy craftspersons

A piece in makes an excellent point – Although bariatric surgery is performed on unprecedented numbers of teenagers today, the number of procedures performed—and the availability of insurance coverage—barely registers compared with the size of the obese population of young Americans. The demand far outstrips the supply. If more patients could afford it, no […]

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