An Overlooked and Under-Served Obese Population: the Deaf

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We are familiar with the idea that in the United States, children of color are more susceptible to forces, including their own genetic makeup, that cause childhood obesity. There is another demographic whose vulnerability has nothing to do with race: the deaf. The conjunction of deafness and obesity is studied by an organization signified by […]

How the Tax Movement Fared in 2011

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Childhood Obesity News has been looking back at some of the attempts to curb obesity by making it more expensive, a tactic that seems to have had success with smoking. There are obvious differences between the two behaviors. Nicotine is a substance that anyone could quite easily go without for an entire lifetime. Food is […]

Technology on Parade

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Not long ago, Childhood Obesity News looked at the calorie counter and energy expenditure tracker MyFitnessPal. Many technological aids are available to consumers for their weight-loss needs, and some of these inventions have capabilities that border on the science-fictional. An instrument called the TellSpec laser scanner initially market-positioned itself as “for diabetes, weight loss, pre-diabetes, […]

Pros and Cons of Fat Acceptance

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Childhood Obesity News  has been speculating about whether such cultural phenomena as the plus-size fashion industry are, overall, beneficial or detrimental to society. Journalist Ellen King wrote about someone who is probably very uncomfortable in the average airline seat, plus-size model Tess Holliday: Size 26 is not healthy. I don’t care how much they might […]

Should Fat Acceptance be Given a Platform?

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That is a trick question, because fat acceptance has always had a platform, so there is no need to ask. A more useful question would be, “Is it okay that acceptance is tolerated? How much acceptance should be extended, and in what ways?” Maybe all airplane seats should be extra wide. If a large person’s […]

Welcome to Childhood Obesity News

Welcome to Childhood Obesity News, the blog of Dr. Robert Pretlow. This site explores the many physical, social, political, and personal effects of the global childhood obesity crisis. We look at new research that points toward addictive eating behavior and also look at Dr. Pretlow’s research in the field. An overview of recent topics: Sugar Addiction […]

Is HAES a Bunch of Hooey?

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Health at Every Size is not an organization, but a concept and a movement. There are, however, organizations that promote size tolerance, whether healthy or not. One is the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, for which Joanne Ikeda speaks: There has been just study after study showing fat people are discriminated against in housing, […]

The Sweetener Historian

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In olden times, crusaders ransacked a continent looking for the Holy Grail, and alchemists competed to rediscover the Philosophers’ Stone that could turn base metals into gold. In more recent centuries, humankind has labored to find a sweetener that can step in and take the place of sugar. All the substance must do is taste […]

The Coke Saga Continues


Last week was pretty much Coca-Cola week at Childhood Obesity News, culminating in a partial list of our previous posts on the topic. Still, interesting events remain to be mentioned. In the autumn of 2014, Claire Suddath and Duane Stanford wrote for Business Week about how the sugar-sweetened beverage industry’s situation had soured since 1998, […]

Coke’s All-Encompassing Miasma

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Coca-Cola just might be the single corporation most mentioned by Childhood Obesity News, which can hardly keep up with the never-ending flow of bad behavior manifested by the world’s most hated beverage manufacturer. Coca-Cola’s flagship product, of course, has the same name as a much-feared addictive drug (which, in the old days, used to be […]

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