Sorrow and Silence


Dr. Pretlow has been saying that when children and teens suffer from obesity their lives can be as miserable as the lives of youngsters afflicted by cancer.

Obese Teens May Be Plagued by Orthopedic Problems


The sooner obesity begins, and the longer it goes on, the worse the potential for damage, including the appearance of co-morbidities that make life complicated.

Pet Week — a Quick Review


Studies found that children in dog-owning homes tend to get more exercise. Pets can also provide comfort and exert a relaxing influence that relieves the stress in many lives.

Hot Hydration

drinking water

People with higher BMIs need a lot of water, because the body’s need for hydration is connected to weight, surface area, and metabolic rate.

Advertising and Slogans


Even if advertising does nothing more than stimulate hunger, rather than desire for one particular brand, it is still effective in the larger sense.

More on Morbid Obesity in Kids


Food addiction has been discussed here many times. Like other popular expressions, it is an incomplete shorthand term for something that takes more than a few syllables to say. The addiction to overeating is more of a behavioral addiction than a substance addiction. Even that simplification has to be qualified, by admitting that quite a […]

The Motivation Puzzle

Burdened by Shame

Last time, Childhood Obesity News considered why kids might lack motivation to take part in a free program that could help them achieve healthy weight; or why, once enrolled in such a program, they might drag their feet and hold back from full participation. Similarly, last month we sighted a headline that read, “Obesity program offers free […]

Advice from Former Obese Kids

kron 3

In the pages of’s Fat People Stories, you might find a 400-pound eighth-grade boy who believes that change is impossible. Also, you might find a former binge eater who was raised by overweight and nutritionally ignorant parents to become an obese teenager. In his case, on receiving a diagnosis of high blood pressure and […]

Childhood Obesity Turning Points and ‘Loser’ Stories


Thanks to the magic of Reddit, a website where anybody is welcome to contribute their experiences about anything, research can dig up a trove of information about some very personal issues. For instance, what moves a child or a young teen on the obesity train to pull the emergency brake cord and take control? While […]

The Birds, the Bees and Motivation

Date Night

Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News contemplated some of the various discomforts and humiliations of being an obese child or teenager. It seemed like there were a lot — but that wasn’t the end. No, Chapter 3 of Dr. Pretlow’s book Overweight: What Kids Say contains even more examples of potential unhappiness gleaned from the electronic submissions to Weigh2Rock, […]

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