The Sugar Addiction Story

Foodbeast infographic

150 pounds per year—that’s how much sugar the average American was eating a few years ago. Or maybe it was 130 pounds, according to a fascinating infographic on this page, a section of which is shown in the illustration. A more recent estimate claims the average per capita consumption could be as much as 170 […]

Another Partial Sugar Roundup

foodies welcome

  In reviewing the Childhood Obesity News posts concerned with sugar, we suggested that the discovery of how to extract and refine sugar from plants might be the cultural equivalent of humankind’s discovery of how to obliterate itself with nuclear weapons. Both have inspired a lot of controversy and caused a lot of deaths. Equally […]

A Partial Sugar Roundup

fake food

Why partial? Because Childhood Obesity News has published so many posts about sugar that it might take a while to recap all of them! As long as sugar is on the market, writers about health will never run out of material. A piece titled, “Add Fat, Sugar, Salt, Sugar, and Fat. Repeat.” discussed Dr. David […]

Everything You Know about Calories is Wrong

Coke hats

Remember all the disdain that our posts have heaped onto fatlogic proponents who convince themselves that food snuck from someone else’s plate doesn’t have calories, or food eaten on an airplane is calorie-free? Maybe Childhood Obesity News should apologize for making fun, because, as it turns out, calories don’t count and never did. That’s right, […]

Can Microbiome Awareness Solve Everything?

Human Microbiome Project

A fecal bacteria transplant, to make an obese human lean—what a bizarre notion! But what if it turns out to be valid? Should we all immediately rejoice and declare the war on obesity won? Absolutely not. Even when equipped with winning microbes, people are susceptible to all kinds of competing influences. In the Gordon lab […]

Another Roundup – Globesity in Europe and Scandinavia

Recollection of the Last Winter-Old Czech Farm

People in cold climates today are at a disadvantage because there is not as much opportunity to be active outdoors. In the old days, they didn’t have a choice. Going from place to place often involved walking, even with shoeshoes. Try it some time—it’s not easy and it burns a lot of calories. Despite frigid […]

Could Solving Obesity Cause Disaster?

Coke Jeepney in Manila

Childhood Obesity News has presented quite a few posts about obesity around the world. What other health issue is so all-encompassing? It brings all of humanity together in a way that rarely happens. News of efforts to reverse childhood obesity comes from Dubai, India, and Vietnam, among others. The Arabic Gulf states are just like […]

Another Globesity Roundup

Diet Coke on the wall

A week ago, Childhood Obesity News explored the parameters of globesity. Many posts have taken a closer look at specific places. Today, let’s recall some of them. In general, the United Kingdom’s childhood obesity rate is similar to ours, although the government’s way of gathering statistics is a bit haphazard—according to some American scientists, that […]

Globesity Roundup

Time for a Coke_

We don’t know who invented the term, but globesity has to do with the world-wide problem of obesity, and these days it is indeed a rare corner of the earth that is not affected. Humans always have a great need to compare and rank things, but globesity is not totally amenable to precise knowledge, because […]

The Cheese Roundup

eat block of cheese

When obesity is the topic, cheese is destined to be a star. In Dr. Pretlow’s very useful booklet, “Addiction Model Intervention for Obesity in Young People” it holds a prominent place on the list of problem foods (see page 33). Since last discussing cheese, we have collected a few items of cheese trivia. According to Amy […]

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