More Non-Mainstream Water Substitutes


Whether kids are normal-weight, overweight, or obese, they don’t need soda, sports drinks or fruit juice. All they need is water.

Another Early Father’s Day Gift


Dads, take part in feeding your kids and spending time doing activities together. It could be the start of a lifetime relationship!

An Early Father’s Day Gift


Just about anything you do with your kids, as long as it’s done with a smile and a heart full of love, will be a positive contribution.

Ten Points for Health From the U.K.


Childhood Obesity News has been following the history of how the U.K. deliberated along the way to finally instituting a sugar tax.

Kids, Fitness Trackers and Holidays


It is possible that some grownups still haven’t shopped for holiday gifts for children, so here are a few interesting things about fitness trackers.

Season of Challenge


The winter holidays would be incomplete without advice on how to survive them.

All Hail the Lord of Misrule


From now until after New Year, it’s fully authorized and officially sanctioned binge time, and rather than one Lord of Misrule, we have thousands.

Informal Science Makes a Difference


Making the high-calorie, low-nutrition items less visible and less convenient makes a noticeable difference in eating habits at school.

Kids, Pets, and Withdrawal


It is National Pet Obesity Awareness Month, and we’ve been talking about what happens when a pet-parent tries to halt the pet animal’s addiction to overeating.

More About How to Help Kids and Pets


What happens when a pet-parent or child-parent initiates a program designed to reverse the addiction to problem eating?

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