Is manipulation always bad? Some philosophers would say yes. Others would say it’s the only way to get things done.

‘Tis the Season


‘Tis the season of what? Maybe regretful groans. Or it could be day after day of opportunities to practice new skills.

Ambivalence and Nutrition Education


The primary care physician might steer parents toward good nutrition advice. As for the rest, let the obesity consultant do the heavy lifting.

Awareness Month — a Good Time for Change


In honor of the Childhood Obesity Month, Childhood Obesity News has been looking at long-term effects of bad parenting decisions.

A Few Pointers for Parents


In honor of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, here are some suggestions for parents who want to avoid or reverse obesity in the home.

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Is In Session


September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Let’s look at the childhood obesity prevention suggestions found at

More Non-Mainstream Water Substitutes


Whether kids are normal-weight, overweight, or obese, they don’t need soda, sports drinks or fruit juice. All they need is water.

Another Early Father’s Day Gift


Dads, take part in feeding your kids and spending time doing activities together. It could be the start of a lifetime relationship!

An Early Father’s Day Gift


Just about anything you do with your kids, as long as it’s done with a smile and a heart full of love, will be a positive contribution.

Ten Points for Health From the U.K.


Childhood Obesity News has been following the history of how the U.K. deliberated along the way to finally instituting a sugar tax.

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