Food Addiction

The food addiction paradigm is a primary cause of the childhood and adult obesity epidemic. Highly pleasurable foods, such as junk food and fast food, can be addictive. Posts in this section explore food addiction and its impact on obesity.

Loss Aversion and Manipulation


Disordered overeating and obesity in youth stem from psychological problems. Disordered overeating that leads to obesity is, by definition, an eating disorder.

Obesity Is Shrink Territory


Dr. Pretlow makes a good case for the idea that obesity is primarily a psychological problem, and even a layperson knows that depression leads to overeating.

Dr. Pretlow’s WPA World Congress Message


Is obesity an eating disorder? Yes. Obesity and caloric intake are inextricably entwined, but it’s also possible for people who don’t overeat to become obese.

Escape From FOMO


To overcome FOMO, abolish the scarcity mindset and cultivate the abundance mindset. Bring mindfulness to the table for every meal.

Good News From “Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention”


Dr. Pretlow’s article, “Addiction to Highly Pleasurable Food as a Cause of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic…” was named one of the top 25 articles by EDJTP.

What Is Ecological Momentary Assessment For?


Part data-collection technique and part therapeutic modality, Ecological Momentary Assessment is adaptable to many situations, including treating obesity.

The Manly Art of Portion Weighing


In developing the W8Loss2Go addiction approach for weight loss, Dr. Pretlow has noticed that some kids resist weighing their food portions.

Food Portions — Why Weigh?


The steps of the W8Loss2Go program are withdrawal from problem foods, withdrawal from snacking or grazing, and food scale-weighing.

Dictators, Addiction, and Urge-Surfing


Often kids seem unable to figure out how to entertain themselves except through recreational eating.

What Is Urge-Surfing?


Young people are fed up with nutrition information. What they cry out for is a way to cope with the desire to overeat.

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