Non-Compliant Behavior in Clinical Trials


Why would the clinical trial participants sabotage the program designed to help them? Looking at the root of non-compliant behavior may help find answers.

Science and Compliance


Subjects in the drug trials and Dr. Pretlow’s W8Loss2Go program participants share the necessity of personal integrity, responsibility and accountability.

On Cheating and Weight Loss


Obese people tend to underestimate their caloric intake and to overestimate their physical activity. People of average weight also under-report their intake.

More Wearable Tech


Could childhood obesity be impacted by a structured weight loss program based on the Fitbit activity tracker or other wearable technology?

This Thing Called Relapse


In addiction recovery, a relapse consists of an episode that turns into a spiral. The whole trick is to never take that first step back into bondage.

Up-to-Date Quality of Life Roundup


Are obese kids miserable? According to many indications, the answer is yes, although getting confirmation is not as easy as it sounds.

Why Measuring Matters


The mind is a trickster, especially when rewards are involved, and food is very rewarding.

Measuring for Improvement


Childhood Obesity News looks at the importance of weighing food portions as part of the W8Loss2Go program.

Dr. Robert Pretlow at the Symposium


Can inpatient rehab methods that treat childhood obesity be replicated in a way that makes them widely available at a lower cost?

Are Obese Kids Miserable? Yes.


It is easy to see why kids don’t want to talk about their experience of being overweight or obese, because, really, who does?

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