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Childhood Obesity News is a newsblog published by eHealth International, Inc. Our goal is to search out the best information available online about the global epidemic in childhood obesity, and present that information here for parents, teachers, caregivers, health care workers, legislators, children, and all others concerned about this problem.

This blog is based on the book, Overweight: What Kids Say, and the work of its author, Dr. Robert A. Pretlow. Dr. Robert Pretlow graduated with honors from Princeton University. He received his M.D. from the University of Virginia Medical School, where he also did his internship and residency in pediatrics. He is board certified in pediatrics and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Pretlow conducted a 10-year anonymous survey into children’s attitudes about weight and weight loss. The book consists of children’s candid answers and Dr. Pretlow’s keen conclusions.

For example, in one poll taken by 103 kids, nearly three-fourths (74%) indicated they lose weight better with an online program and support than with a health professional (page 112). Overweight kids are reluctant to talk with anyone about their weight problems, including parents, teachers, and health professionals. They prefer the anonymity of the Internet combined with anonymous support from weight loss buddies and trained, online weight loss professionals.

Childhood Obesity News is written by lead newsblogger, Pat Hartman, and a team of editors from orobora. Pat Hartman is an editor, journalist and freelance writer. You can reach her directly via email at Pat (dot) Hartman (at) orobora (dot) com.

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