Mexican Sugar Tax Activists Walk on the Wild Side


Coca-Cola uses bribery, intimidation and coercive campaigns to squash the rivals and those trying to reduce soda consumption in Central and South Americas.

Mexico As Soda Tax Lighthouse


Whenever the idea of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages to prevent obesity is discussed people react by asking for studies. Problem is, there aren’t many.

How Mexico Got Its Soda Tax


The connections between poverty and obesity are familiar territory. No government wants to deal with them, but a sugar tax brings at least partial satisfaction.

Prebiotics — Too Good to Be True?


Prof. of Microbiology Liping Zhao investigates the interactions between host genetics, diet and the microbiome, using himself as a subject.

Psychiatric Disorders, Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Surgery


After the weight loss surgery, even when the patient seems to be doing fine, the psychological benefits may alternately spike, drop or disappear.

Weight Loss and Psychiatric Disorders


Research shows that despite their long-term success with weight loss, the patients’ mental health on average deteriorated past even their pre-surgery level.

Challenges of Post-Weight-Loss Life

45652523 - eps8 editable vector silhouette sequence of a woman exercising to lose weight

What are the challenges faced by people who go on to lose a huge proportion of their body weight?

Creating a Normal-Weight Future


A child who never becomes overweight is far less likely to become an obese teen or a morbidly obese adult.

A City Refurbished for Health


We’ve been following the story of Oklahoma City’s transformation, when Mayor Mike Cornett led the people to undertake what was described as a war on fat.

Oklahoma City and the Combat Paradigm


In Oklahoma City, Mayor Mike Cornett led the people to undertake what was described as a war on fat. Here’s more on the amazing transformation of Oklahoma city.

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