Child Obesity — Does Negative Motivation Work?


Britain’s National Obesity Observatory, in a paper on obesity and mental health, recommends focusing on psychological factors rather than on weight loss per se. Especially for the obese child, social support is the primary concern. As we have seen from the life stories of former obese children, an increase of social support at an early age […]

More About Change and Motivation

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Childhood Obesity News has been looking at the work of Steve Tobak, a man who tells powerful and highly paid executives what to do. They don’t have to follow his advice, of course — unless they want to get results. Change is a constant in the business world, and even CEOs have to participate in […]

Childhood Obesity — Causation and Change

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Childhood Obesity News looked at management consultant Steve Tobak’s advice for high-powered executives, and noticed that wisdom about change applies across the spectrum of humanity, affecting even obese children. In a piece titled “Change Your Ways? 3 Things You Must Do First,” Tobak laid down condition #1: “You have to feel the need to change.” For […]

Childhood Obesity and the Universality of Change

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Steve Tobak is a management consultant and executive coach who gives advice to chief executive officers and other high-ranking businesspeople. What can he tell us about childhood obesity? Maybe a lot, because, after all, each of us is the CEO of our own life. Change is universal, and maybe the approach to it is also. […]

Advice from Former Obese Kids

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In the pages of’s Fat People Stories, you might find a 400-pound eighth-grade boy who believes that change is impossible. Also, you might find a former binge eater who was raised by overweight and nutritionally ignorant parents to become an obese teenager. In his case, on receiving a diagnosis of high blood pressure and […]

Childhood Obesity and the Microbiome

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It has been proposed that anti-obesity campaigns should pay closer attention to the microbiome. That is the collective name for the incredible number of tiny creatures that live inside us, also known as bacteria. Their intentions are good, bad, or indifferent, and largely unknown. Here’s what Michael Pollan said in The New York Times about the […]

Former Obese Child ‘Loser’ Stories

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People who have reclaimed their health by losing large amounts of weight often have stories to share, sometimes about the turning points in their lives. The first one, courtesy of, comes from a 23-year-old former obese child who lost 180 pounds in a year and a half. In fifth grade, he was wearing size XL […]

Childhood Obesity — a How and Why Story

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If there is a category of childhood obesity survivor superstars, the personality known as “boogie2988” (YouTube) and “uberwolf0” (Reddit) surely belongs in it. His YouTube channel contains hundreds of short videos — character sketches, talks about electronic gaming, and many other interesting tidbits — including reminiscences from the life of someone who has always been […]

Childhood Obesity and Dog-Assisted Intervention

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What motivates kids to do the stuff that helps them lose weight and get healthy? That depends on the kid — but some seem to respond to dog-assisted intervention. Not much research has been done yet, but the idea has a lot going for it, such as empirical evidence, which is always a good feature for […]

Obesity and Financial Motivation

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The company that conducted a study of obese Mayo Clinic employees used to be called Gympact before the name was shortened to simply Pact. Their program is available online, where it is used by at least one adult Childhood Obesity News visitor, who endorses it. An overview of it, written by David Ahn, MD, appeared online: […]

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