“Bite Size” Hits the Ground Running

Bite Size

Last week, Childhood Obesity News explored the four individual stories of obese kids from the film Bite Size: Emily, Moy, Davion, and KeAnna. Guess what just happened over at iTunes? Bite Size has arrived there. We have said this before, but it is worth restating—this collection of mini-biographies is particularly well-suited to communal viewing and […]

Addiction Guilt and Hope

Horrified Emoticon

A new paper, Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity Using the Addiction Model: A Smartphone App Pilot Study,  will appear in the next print edition of the journal Childhood Obesity. This publication signals another advance in spreading the idea of using the addiction approach as a treatment for child/adolescent obesity. It’s mostly about the W8Loss2Go program, whose […]

Bite Size – KeAnna


The introductory material about Bite Size can be found in the earlier Childhood Obesity News post about Emily, one of four young people whose stories are told by the film. We also “met” Moy, a gaming enthusiast and novice filmmaker. Today’s discussion focuses on KeAnna—though it takes an unexpected turn. KeAnna is 13 when we […]

Bite Size – Davion


Bite Size is a captivating film that follows the weight loss journeys of four American kids. Childhood Obesity News already took a close look at two of them, Emily in Florida and Moy in Southern California. The other two young people are both from Mississippi, which is appropriate, since that state has a pretty bad track record […]

Bite Size – Moy

Moy and his father

Moy (short for Moyses) is one of the four young subjects of Bite Size, a very engaging movie that lets the kids and the grownups all speak their own truths. (Childhood Obesity News  has already looked at Emily’s story, and will look at the other two in the coming days.) Director Corbin Billings has made […]

Bite Size – Emily


The film Bite Size explores the lives of four young people, ranging from age 11 to 13, then catches up with them one year down the road. It tracks the weight loss journeys of two girls and two boys, all diagnosed as clinically obese. Two are coastal kids, Emily in Florida and Moy in California, […]

Everything You Know About Mini-Meals Is Wrong

healthy snack

The topic of meal size versus meal frequency has not yet been exhausted. Neither has the thin or possibly nonexistent line between frequent small meals and snacks. Many authorities have opinions for or against snacking, and many researchers have garnered proof, one way or the other—a circumstance that throws into doubt the claim of “proof.” […]

Everything You Know About Snacking Is Wrong


Yes, no matter what your philosophy of snacking is, someone out there disagrees with you and can prove his point. Consumers are inundated with advice about what, when, where, why, and how to eat, along with other input promoting the exact opposite to all that advice. Snacking is one area where this happens a lot. […]

W8Loss2Go Helps in Stages

staged withdrawal

The W8Loss2Go smartphone application is designed to halt food cravings and stop the urge to snack between meals. The 5-month program starts by eliminating the most tempting “problem foods” one or two at a time, a process which was shown by the preliminary studies to be surprisingly free of withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Pretlow says: Successful […]

Everyhow You Know Is Wrong


Or maybe it isn’t. As Childhood Obesity News has discussed, a person is apt to occasionally think, “Everything I know is wrong,” especially when encountering contradictory headlines about the same topic. This is particularly true in the world of weight loss. “Spin” is important in any aspect of life. Try telling the teacher, “The dog […]

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