We’ll Drink to That!

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Hydration for Health (H4H) is a group with a mission: to convince the world that the healthiest way to hydrate is by simply drinking water. Their method is to share educational materials, practical tools, and scientific research. Here is the crux of their message: Nutritional advice typically focuses on food intake. Yet, the quantity and […]

Fooled by Food Again

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Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at some of the foods available at the grocery store or even the health food store, that give a false impression of their integrity. Or maybe it’s just that we have a mistaken idea of what to expect. Dr. Julie TwoMoon is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine who […]

Childhood Obesity and Design

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“Design” is a term that has always drawn an emotional response, whether positive or negative, and it makes a difference at every level of life’s activities, starting first thing in the morning. What size should a breakfast cereal bowl be? Big enough to hold the serving of cereal and the milk, with a little extra […]

Childhood Obesity’s Urgent Message

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Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at part of the conversation between author Michael Prager and Dr. Christopher Ochner, a researcher in obesity and nutrition. They touched upon many points, but the big takeaway from Dr. Ochner’s studies has to do with prevention. Everything he says emphasizes the importance of stopping childhood obesity before it […]

Differences in Approach to Obesity

October 13, 2013 at 0536PM

Childhood Obesity News discussed the conversation between Michael Prager, whose field is personal sustainability, and research scientist Dr. Christopher Ochner. There are more issues that deserve attention. Dr. Ochner holds the very pragmatic view that human nature is constant. In terms of the obesity epidemic, this implies that people will continue to eat what they […]

Perspectives on the Traffic Light Label System


In the endeavor to reduce childhood obesity — at least far enough that it can no longer be considered an epidemic — long-term change is what one journalist called “the brass ring.” For readers unfamiliar with the concept, the brass ring is the prize that carousel riders try to reach as their horses circle around. Grabbing it entitles the […]

Healthy Weight Maintenance Boosted by Habit

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To achieve durable change and sustained weight loss, kids need a lot of buttressing, a lot of outside support, and what’s more, they need the right kind of support. Anything that sounds like nagging will be rebuffed and have the opposite effect from what was intended. The far future is hard enough to deal with, […]

Maintaining Social Facilitation

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The first study to focus on pediatric long-term weight control using the socio-ecological model was conducted by Dr. Denise Wilfley. The basis is cognitive behavioral therapy. The research team concluded that, even after a successful weight loss program has been completed, it is essential to focus on a child’s social ecology via continued contact and interaction. […]

Molding the Social Environment

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We have seen that cognitive behavioral therapy comes in several flavors and that it can be quite successful in promoting behavioral change by breaking negative behavior cycles and restructuring harmful patterns. Appetitive traits are vulnerabilities linked to eating behavior, and these vulnerabilities can slow progress or cancel it out altogether. One problem can be a […]

Varieties of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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In the short term, many obesity interventions achieve an encouraging degree of success, but a year or five years later, a follow-up shows a different picture. As Childhood Obesity News has described, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is designed to promote behavioral change by breaking negative cycles of behavior and restructuring harmful patterns. To fulfill the […]

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