Coca-Cola and the Presidential Candidate


This is a convoluted story of political machinations involving the Coca-Cola Company, so buckle up.

The Microbiome Shares Its Secrets


We are discussing microbiome awareness and ways that could possibly help people maintain normal weight without spending thousands on debilitating operations.

Is the U.K. Shooting Itself in the Foot Over Sugar?


Fear of sinking profits has inspired beverage companies to seek sugar substitutes to escape the sugar tax that kicks in next year in the UK.

The Very Wide World of Beverages


This post touches upon the fermented beverages like kvass and kefir, as well as Coca-Cola’s ready-to-drink coffee business in Japan, and its “sleep water.”

Beverages That Start With “K”


Lab results have hinted that kombucha might influence both the production of insulin and the storage of body fat.

Saban Institute Shares Research News


Eyes, ears and ideas are all brought together by The Saban Research Institute, which sponsors the Annual Poster Session in June.

Soft Science, Hard Science, and Dads


Happy Father’s Day to the dads who consciously try to have a positive influence on their children’s self-images, and try to keep junk food out of the home.

Another Early Father’s Day Gift


Dads, take part in feeding your kids and spending time doing activities together. It could be the start of a lifetime relationship!

An Early Father’s Day Gift


Just about anything you do with your kids, as long as it’s done with a smile and a heart full of love, will be a positive contribution.

And Still More on Fathers and Obesity


Whether or not fathers realize it, the behavior they model matters a lot, be it sitting down for a family meal or shunning vegetables.

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