Obesity’s Puzzling Questions


Can a mother make her child morbidly obese? Mothers are easily blamed for anything, rightly or wrongly, for reasons that seem obvious to those who do it. Childhood Obesity News related the tragic story of morbidly obese Texan Hector Garcia, who died last month at age 49. San Antonio Express-News staffers Jessica Belasco and photographer […]

Good Ideas for Parents

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Happy holidays! It’s a tough time of year for people who struggle with food addiction and obesity. Here are some assorted suggestions from many sources. No single one will keep your child from becoming obese or solve her or his existing problem. But every little step counts. Here are five general precepts compiled by Danielle […]

What’s Up with Motivation?

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The question of motivation, or lack of it, is endlessly provocative. A while back there was a media kerfuffle when a man thought he could motivate a Wisconsin TV news reader to lose weight by offering his critique of her ample figure. It bothered him even more that Jennifer Livingston had been overweight for many years […]

9 Ways to Avoid Enabling

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We are almost to the end of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, but don’t be fooled — we need to keep that awareness level high during the other 11 months, too. A parent might think, “What’s the beef? I never tied my kid down, stuck a funnel in his mouth, and poured in milkshakes fortified with extra calories.” […]

Childhood Obesity Awareness and Scratch Cooking

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Once again, September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, because the problem is still with us. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 17% of American children are obese, and a lot of them are preschool-age kids. These youngsters face a lifetime — and an unnecessarily shortened one, at that — of physical discomfort, medical problems, and […]

Britain Eyes Militarization of Obesity Battle

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Last time, Childhood Obesity News wondered out loud what can be done about the basic problem of childhood obesity, or what at least some researchers have identified as the basic problem — a weak bond between mother and child. The younger the child, the more important the bond is, and when it is not strong, changes can […]

We’ll Drink to That!

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Hydration for Health (H4H) is a group with a mission: to convince the world that the healthiest way to hydrate is by simply drinking water. Their method is to share educational materials, practical tools, and scientific research. Here is the crux of their message: Nutritional advice typically focuses on food intake. Yet, the quantity and […]

Fooled by Food Again

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Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at some of the foods available at the grocery store or even the health food store, that give a false impression of their integrity. Or maybe it’s just that we have a mistaken idea of what to expect. Dr. Julie TwoMoon is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine who […]

Childhood Obesity and Design

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“Design” is a term that has always drawn an emotional response, whether positive or negative, and it makes a difference at every level of life’s activities, starting first thing in the morning. What size should a breakfast cereal bowl be? Big enough to hold the serving of cereal and the milk, with a little extra […]

Childhood Obesity’s Urgent Message

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Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at part of the conversation between author Michael Prager and Dr. Christopher Ochner, a researcher in obesity and nutrition. They touched upon many points, but the big takeaway from Dr. Ochner’s studies has to do with prevention. Everything he says emphasizes the importance of stopping childhood obesity before it […]

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