Appetite, Its Lack, and the Microbiome


It appears that the microbiome is able to influence appetite and its delinquent sister, craving.

Stomach Pump Backlash


Will our kids grow up to be so intractably heavy that wearing a personal stomach pump will become the norm Even fashionable?

More on the Personal Stomach Pump


To get up to speed, see yesterday’s post on the reverse feeding tube, and we will consider the lifestyle changes involved in having one of these installed. What is it like to live with AspireAssist? Sara G. Miller interviewed Dr. Shelby Sullivan of the Washington University School of Medicine, where clinical trials took place. Like […]

Newfangled Gizmo — the Reverse Feeding Tube


The new reverse feeding tube/stomach pump device called AspireAssist has been called strange, gross, enabling, and a Big Pharma scam.

Obesity in Four Books and a Theater Piece


Several recent books deal with such issues as the underlying causes of obesity, bullying, eating disorders, and disdain for the overweight.

Pet Week — a Quick Review


Studies found that children in dog-owning homes tend to get more exercise. Pets can also provide comfort and exert a relaxing influence that relieves the stress in many lives.

Potatoes and Poverty


When people are unemployed and generally miserable it’s difficult to convince them to spend their limited resources on a wholesome diet.

When Summer Ends

bottled water

Studies find that, in a school setting, kids will often choose water if it’s easily available, instead of beverages with caloric content.

Everything You Know About Summer Is Wrong

The yearly children’s weight changes could be indicative of larger issues in need of fixing. Why does it happen? Could the standard school year be the problem?

Is Summer An Obesity Villain?


A fat baby predicts a fat child, and to a much greater extent, a fat child predicts a fat adult. This is everybody’s obesity epidemic.

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