Two Obesity Books


It’s worth examining why some health professionals are averse to promoting healthy eating and exercise as a solution for childhood obesity.

Children’s Books About Obesity


Childhood Obesity News looks at several recently published children’s book that tackle the issues of childhood obesity and being overweight.

The Screen — Bad News and Good


A recent study of 20 top-grossing children’s movies in 2006-10 were found to have content both stigmatizing and obesogenic.

Fat-shaming in Pop Culture


Fat-shaming denies overweight people their humanity. As our pop culture reflects, every fat-shaming incidence encourages more of the same.

Who Has It Worse?


Kids desperately need to learn how resist cravings. Take a look around: How many adults can do that? Going by the evidence, not many.

Emotional Eating — Some Angles


The relationship between comfort eating and obesity is not news. Health professionals are trying to figure out how to break the connection.

The Great Fat Acceptance Roundup


Fat rejection is out of the question, but if the alternative is to buy into fat acceptance — is that also unhealthy?

W8Loss2Go Study Slated by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will road-test the W8Loss2Go smartphone application, created by Dr. Pretlow.

Gastric Band Complications and Risks


Childhood Obesity News looks at the practice of targeting teenagers for gastric bands, and its potential complications.

W8Loss2Go Study Motivation


Dr. Pretlow suggests that a lack of motivation for losing weight might be the fear of withdrawal symptoms.

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