Psychological Dimensions of Childhood Obesity


The drawback of behavioral interventions is that, unless the subjects are in a very restrictive environment like boot camp, people can’t be made to do things.

Web Series, Film, Video, and a Scholarly Journal


Childhood Obesity News looks at the recent efforts in the media to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic.

Other Therapies Related to Obesity Prevention


Behavioral activation and rational emotive behavioral therapy have been found useful in treating eating disorders and addictions.

Informal Science Makes a Difference


Making the high-calorie, low-nutrition items less visible and less convenient makes a noticeable difference in eating habits at school.

Angles on Therapy


The Head Start Trauma Smart program is based on ARC – Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency, a framework for intervention to deal with traumatic stress.

Some Therapies


In the effort to reverse the childhood obesity trend, experts believe that treatment must be family-based and must include training in behavior modification.

Kids, Pets, and Withdrawal


It is National Pet Obesity Awareness Month, and we’ve been talking about what happens when a pet-parent tries to halt the pet animal’s addiction to overeating.

More About How to Help Kids and Pets


What happens when a pet-parent or child-parent initiates a program designed to reverse the addiction to problem eating?

Obesity in the United Kingdom


In the UK, the National Health Service announced that one in every 34 urgent care admissions was due to overweight or obesity.

Problem Eating and Mindfulness


Whether it is called a behavioral addiction or a bad habit, problem eating is a maladaptive response to pain. Mindfulness can be a tremendous coping skill for children and parents.

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