Fast Food and Obesity

Research at Washington University showed that fat lab mice have in their intestines more Firmicutes, which are a type of bacteria. Thin mice have more Bacteroidetes. When both groups of mice are given the identical amount and type of food, the Firmicutes mice extract more calories from the food and grow fatter. Extrapolating from this, […]

An Open Letter to Justin Williamson


While we can’t set these words to music, we hope Justin Williamson will take them to heart anyway. The outstandingly talented, morbidly obese youth has embarked on a path of changing his life and inspiring others to do the same. As Dr. Pretlow says, “This teen has quite a voice!” That he can belt out […]

The Amazing Dream of Justin Williamson

Justin at airport

When Justin Williamson was invited to California to be a guest on TV show “The Doctors,” the big question was whether he would even be allowed to fly there from Texas. A video clip on his homepage was made on the day of his preliminary visit to the airport to find out. The picture on […]

Can Pad Tag Solve Childhood Obesity?

karate kick at sunrise

World Karate Champion Johnny Linebarger is based in Tucson, where he teaches martial arts. He wants to fight childhood obesity by sharing with the world something the KoSho Karate school franchise has known about for 20 years—Pad Tag, which he calls “a fun and exciting game that gets people of all ages up and moving, […]

Childhood Obesity: Where Parents Go Wrong

Popeye Ed-U-Cards Game

Childhood Obesity News has often offered many suggestions for parents. There is always a certain amount of reluctance involved in doing that, because most parents do the best they can. Telling them about their mistakes feels unkind, and no one wants to cause pain. The temptation is always to frame the ideas in the most […]

Reply from a British Mum

About Gluttony

Because all of Dr. Pretlow’s time is spent working hard on a program to guide millions of children out of the prison of obesity, he is not able to respond to every individual. A recent letter, a true cri de coeur from an English mother at her wits’ end, is a classic example of the […]

Dr. Pretlow’s Advice to a British Mum

Addiction Model Intervention

{NOTE: Yesterday Childhood Obesity News published, with the kind permission of its author, a moving communication from a mother in Great Britain, along with the beginning of Dr. Pretlow’s response. Here is the rest of that reply.} You can’t make her accept your help, but only offer her the opportunity. It’s up to her. She really […]

Technology on Parade

The Quiet Earth scene

Not long ago, Childhood Obesity News looked at the calorie counter and energy expenditure tracker MyFitnessPal. Many technological aids are available to consumers for their weight-loss needs, and some of these inventions have capabilities that border on the science-fictional. An instrument called the TellSpec laser scanner initially market-positioned itself as “for diabetes, weight loss, pre-diabetes, […]

The Philosophy Behind Junk Food Taxation


The government is supposed to protect us. If people are jumping off a certain bridge, the authorities strengthen the fencing and paint the whole structure a bright color, to discourage suicidal ideation. But when other threats tempt us from the path of health, the government only has the crude tools of prohibition and taxation. Dr. […]

Minorities, Economic Disadvantage, and Coke

Brush with Coke

Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at some of the “collateral damage” (aside from the obvious obesity) the makers of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) inflict on the poor, including members of politically powerless minority groups: sub-optimal land use; air and water pollution; tons of packaging trash; and an increased need for dental care by those who […]

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