Is Philadelphia Soda Tax Working? Too Early to Tell


How is Philadelphia soda tax, implemented earlier this year, doing? It may be too early to tell, and it depends on who is talking.

How Did Philadelphia Soda Tax Happen?


How did the soda tax, such a reviled and embattled piece of legislation, come into effect in Philadelphia? It was a compromise.

Soda Tax — The Philadelphia Story


Philadelpia Mayor Jim Kenney supported soda tax for its revenue potential, not to prevent obesity. Does it matter, as long as it’s working?

More About Berkeley’s Soda Tax


Studies show that Berkeley had kept its word regarding the soda tax proceeds. A lot of it was spent on children’s health programs.

Berkeley and Its Soda Tax


With the city’s low consumption and high income, Berkeley’s soda tax data might not have much bearing on the possibilities for other cities.

Soda Tax, Sin Tax


We are looking at how the cities across U.S. are using soda tax revenue to fund anti-childhood obesity measures and public health programs.

New CDC Leadership Has Critics


At the CDC, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald took over a government agency which Coca-Cola executives have been fairly open about their attempts to influence.

Coca-Cola and the Presidential Candidate


This is a convoluted story of political machinations involving the Coca-Cola Company, so buckle up.

The Microbiome Shares Its Secrets


We are discussing microbiome awareness and ways that could possibly help people maintain normal weight without spending thousands on debilitating operations.

Is the U.K. Shooting Itself in the Foot Over Sugar?


Fear of sinking profits has inspired beverage companies to seek sugar substitutes to escape the sugar tax that kicks in next year in the UK.

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