Trackers and Other Wearable Tech


Different kinds of wearable tech, including fitness trackers for kids, are employed to fight childhood obesity — some more successfully than others.

This Thing Called Relapse


In addiction recovery, a relapse consists of an episode that turns into a spiral. The whole trick is to never take that first step back into bondage.

Devices and EMA — a Match Made in Heaven


Childhood Obesity News continues to discuss studies designed to assess the usefulness of Ecological Momentary Assessment in evaluating physical activity.

More on Ecological Momentary Assessment


Studies show that EMA works well in combination with technological data-gathering devices, and is an effective tool in evaluating physical activity.

Ecological Momentary Assessment and Teens


Ecological Momentary Assessment helps researchers collect data, including factors that target behavior change for the weight-management interventions.

Childhood Obesity Developments in the United Kingdom


Because the United Kingdom has similar laws to the U.S.A. and a very familiar obesity problem, Childhood Obesity News has been tracking what goes on there.

News From the Flaky Fringe


A subject as large as obesity is bound to attract a lot of theories. Among them is an effort to revive the “forgotten food sense.”

Dr. Pretlow Presents a Webinar


Join Dr. Pretlow for a webinar held on Sun., Jan. 14, 7 p.m. ET, on the topic of “Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity as an Addictive Process.”

Comparisons Are Odorous


Why do we think we not good enough, not beautiful enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not successful enough? Because we compare ourselves to others.

What Else Can Non-Psychiatrists Do?


Psychiatrists and psychologists are uniquely situated to treat obesity, but there are many non-psychiatrists who can also help reverse the obesity epidemic.

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