Globesity and Mission X

Mission X artwork

Imagine a program for children that would build their core strength and other muscle groups as well. Endurance and agility would also be among the beneficial results. Thanks to the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions, there is such a program. “Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut” is an international and […]

Motivation from Virtual Pets

Teaching a virtual pet to draw with Playstation Move

Animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted intervention are two names for an aspect of “green care,” described in a previous Childhood Obesity News post. Real live animals are not the only ones who can help kids out of obesity. Imaginary animals made of bytes and pixels can also play a role. In mid-2014, the University of Georgia […]

Letter To A Teen, About W8Loss2Go


This is what I’d say to a teen, or even a pretty smart kid, who’s a lot like I was then. Full disclosure: The Childhood Obesity News blog exists for many reasons. One of them is to show any overweight or obese young person that W8Loss2Go is a good idea, and see if they will […]

Dr. Pretlow’s Huffington Post Guest Appearance


Publication by the Huffington Post is a pretty big deal, so we are pleased to find Dr. Pretlow’s byline there. This piece, titled “Eating Addiction: There’s an App for That,” presents the complete rundown on the W8Loss2Go smartphone application. Boiled down to the essentials, the app has two aims: enable overweight kids to unhook themselves […]

Formerly Fat—Nurse Bowick of Rochester

Nurse Bowick

This is not just any “formerly fat” narrative. Theresa Bowick of Rochester, New York, attended the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (where she has subsequently returned to address the graduating class). After acquiring Licensed Practical Nurse credentials while working and raising a daughter, she went to community college for an associate degree in nursing. Then she […]

How One Man Lost 266 Pounds

Kelvin Burnett

Mark Manson is an author greatly interested in happiness, self-knowledge, habits, relationships, and several other areas of human awareness. He invited a guest blogger with a fascinating story, Kelvin Burnett, who lost 266 pounds by “getting his mind straight.” (A short time later, an expanded first-person account was published by Huffington Post as a reader […]

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month


One obstacle to activism is the human tendency to become fed up. A cause can raise awareness, then reach a point of diminishing returns and even develop an emotional backlash. People get compassion fatigue. More than five years ago, Neville Rigby wrote for The Guardian: We have obesity awareness with almost daily headlines, and continual […]

Snacks and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

Healthy Summer Snack

“Kids Eat Right Month” is now over. KERM seems to be the invention of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), recently suspected of being an “astroturf” (as opposed to “grassroots”) group whose decisions seem to be unduly influenced by corporations. In fairness, it must be said that the article is tagged, in a tiny-sized […]

Fast Food and Obesity

Research at Washington University showed that fat lab mice have in their intestines more Firmicutes, which are a type of bacteria. Thin mice have more Bacteroidetes. When both groups of mice are given the identical amount and type of food, the Firmicutes mice extract more calories from the food and grow fatter. Extrapolating from this, […]

An Open Letter to Justin Williamson


While we can’t set these words to music, we hope Justin Williamson will take them to heart anyway. The outstandingly talented, morbidly obese youth has embarked on a path of changing his life and inspiring others to do the same. As Dr. Pretlow says, “This teen has quite a voice!” That he can belt out […]

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