Obesity in the United Kingdom


In the UK, the National Health Service announced that one in every 34 urgent care admissions was due to overweight or obesity.

Problem Eating and Mindfulness


Whether it is called a behavioral addiction or a bad habit, problem eating is a maladaptive response to pain. Mindfulness can be a tremendous coping skill for children and parents.

Mindfulness Is for Kids


Mindfulness training could be more useful for children than for adults because their brains still have plasticity.

Still More Halloween Strategies


Today’s message in our Halloween-themed series is mainly about the very end stage of Halloween night. What to do with the loot?

More Halloween Strategies


If you want a candy-less Halloween provide enough entertaining activities for your kids, who value your attention more than sugar.

Halloween Strategies


Halloween can be a difficult time for overweight children. We suggests ways for families to ease the stress by adopting some best practices.

How to Make Halloween Memories


Redesign the Halloween tradition to emphasize creativity and family togetherness, and candy will be the last thing on your kids’ minds.

More About the Love Diet


No one can overcome obesity until emotional problems are addressed, as in most cases they revolve around the inability to love oneself.

Parents and Soda


If someone you know is battling obesity try hard to help them avoid problem food triggers and don’t leave tempting foods in their proximity.

Appetite, Its Lack, and the Microbiome


It appears that the microbiome is able to influence appetite and its delinquent sister, craving.

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