More about Bariatric Surgery for Adolescents


In her very thorough 2010 article for Reuters about teens and weight-loss surgery, Debra Sherman referenced a study done by Dr. Susan Woolford, a specialist in the area of medicine where pediatrics and obesity meet. When she surveyed 381 doctors, almost half of them responded that “they would never refer an adolescent for any type […]

Bariatric Surgery for Adolescents – Good Idea?

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In his Huffington Post article, Dr. Pretlow mentioned that although bariatric surgery has been successful for some teens, there are inevitable risks, and when the long-term outcome is considered, there is a 20% – 30% failure rate. Even this is not certain, because it depends on how failure is defined, and even more important, it […]

Let’s Talk about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Gastric sleeve surgery, also called sleeve gastrectomy, is in the category known as restrictive bariatric surgery. Because it doesn’t interfere with absorption, it is appropriate for people with anemia or Crohn’s disease or other conditions where gastric bypass is not a good choice. As with the other procedures, the patient goes through extensive physical and […]

Let’s Talk about Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Here’s the rundown on gastric bypass surgery, according to Cheryl Ann Borne, founder of the website My Bariatric Life. To qualify, a person needs a BMI of over 40, or a BMI of over 35 with a complication such as type 2 diabetes. Of course there is a physical exam and lab work, and the […]

Let’s Talk about Gastric Banding


Current information about gastric banding comes from Cheryl Ann Borne, the individual behind the website My Bariatric Life. A very useful page outlines the criteria and preparatory steps. Borne says: After you have been approved for gastric band surgery, you will need to make certain lifestyle changes before your surgery. Here is where the trouble […]

Paradoxes of Bariatric Surgery

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Dr. Pretlow has mentioned the costliness of bariatric surgery, which is quite a significant drawback. In Britain, the National Health Service offers two varieties—the gastric band and the gastric bypass. The band option is simpler and less expensive. It is said that as many as two million people, or more than 5% of the adult […]

Teens and Weight-Loss Surgery

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In his Huffington Post article, “Eating Addiction: There’s an App for That,” Dr. Pretlow gave weight-loss surgery a mixed review. On the one hand, he credits bariatric surgery with being the only obesity treatment that has resulted in “significant long-term weight loss.” Up until now, that is. Thanks in part to the intense media focus […]

Motivational Interviewing, Doctors, and Parents

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Motivational interviewing is one of the tools of choice in the childhood obesity field. Why? Dr. Martin T. Stein suggests that, in primary care settings, childhood obesity is relatively unresponsive to more customary interventions. Doctors are urged to incorporate motivational interviewing of parents in their evaluation and treatment of obese children. Reviewers have characterized the […]

Globesity and Mission X

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Imagine a program for children that would build their core strength and other muscle groups as well. Endurance and agility would also be among the beneficial results. Thanks to the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions, there is such a program. “Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut” is an international and […]

Motivation from Virtual Pets

Teaching a virtual pet to draw with Playstation Move

Animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted intervention are two names for an aspect of “green care,” described in a previous Childhood Obesity News post. Real live animals are not the only ones who can help kids out of obesity. Imaginary animals made of bytes and pixels can also play a role. In mid-2014, the University of Georgia […]

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