The Philosophy Behind Junk Food Taxation


The government is supposed to protect us. If people are jumping off a certain bridge, the authorities strengthen the fencing and paint the whole structure a bright color, to discourage suicidal ideation. But when other threats tempt us from the path of health, the government only has the crude tools of prohibition and taxation. Dr. […]

Minorities, Economic Disadvantage, and Coke

Brush with Coke

Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at some of the “collateral damage” (aside from the obvious obesity) the makers of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) inflict on the poor, including members of politically powerless minority groups: sub-optimal land use; air and water pollution; tons of packaging trash; and an increased need for dental care by those who […]

Motivation + High Compliance = Success

Food Addiction in Children

Available both online and in the print edition of the journal Childhood Obesity is Dr. Pretlow’s paper, “Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity Using the Addiction Model: A Smartphone App Pilot Study.” As Dr. Pretlow says: This publication signals another advance in spreading the idea of using the addiction approach as a treatment for child/adolescent obesity. Among […]

Famous and Formerly Fat – Matt Mira

Matt Mira

Writer and producer Matt Mira is renowned for his work on Attack of the Show, The Nerdist, @midnight, Tosh.0, Math Bites, and numerous other projects. He was also a fat kid who only survived high school because, he says, “I was funny and I played football.” He also suffered from sleep apnea. Childhood Obesity News […]

Accessible Treatment for the Symptom of Obesity

part of poster

On happiness scales, obese patients have rated their quality of life as being similar to that of cancer patients on chemotherapy. So why don’t they just stop overeating? Because overeating is not really the cause of their obesity, but rather the symptom of an underlying problem. What for simplicity’s sake we call “food addiction” is […]

The Cookie Monster Influence

cookie monster (O'Connell)

In recent years, the reformed Cookie Monster, who saw the light and realized that “cookies are a sometimes food,” has been all over the media. In November of last year, the popular TV show “Last Week Tonight” featured a sketch in which host John Oliver schooled Cookie Monster about the proper British words for things […]

The Corporate Obesity Monitors

Cubicle Panorama

Today’s kids have a lot to cope with. Just like the members of previous generations, they must achieve academic success and jump through all the other traditional hoops in order to enjoy the independence of having jobs when they grow up. On top of that, the stigma of obesity can prevent an applicant from being […]

Corporate Obesity Consciousness

Cubicle Life

Yesterday’s subject was the decreasing tolerance shown by companies for risky health practices among their employees. For her report for CNN, Katherine Reynolds Lewis consulted several experts, including Jim Winkler of the consultancy firm AON Hewitt. His job is to help human resources departments figure out who they should hire and how to keep employees […]

Disease, Obesity, and Motivation

Morbidly Obese

Christopher Bergland is connected with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization primarily concerned with the childhood obesity epidemic. Its project is the Healthy Schools Program, which operates in 27,000 American schools. He is also an endurance athlete and coach who… …aspires to bring you inside the athletic mindset and process of success in […]

Motivation and Two Men

Corey Stoll

In discussing self-image, Childhood Obesity News has mentioned Corey Stoll, who has been remarkably frank about his struggles with weight. A morbidly obese child and 300-pound teenager, Stoll grew up to become well-known actor in “House of Cards,” “Law and Order,” and other highly recognizable TV shows. He uses the residual body dysmorphia as a […]

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