Childhood Obesity? Forget About It.


The Domestic Policy Council wants to slice $193 billion from SNAP outlays over the next 10 years, and make the states pay for 25% of the remaining need.

A Long Slog in the U.K.


Close to half of the U.K.’s young adults are said to be overweight. In the 16 to 24 age group, that’s a million more than the same demographic 20 years ago.

In the U.K., Pro- and Anti-Sugar Forces Contend


More attention should be paid to the societal, biological and environmental factors that encourage maternal obesity.

Childhood Obesity Awareness in New Jersey and Beyond


In New Jersey, nearly one child in four is overweight or obese. The local YMCA’s Healthy U program offers parents anti-obesity guidelines.

The U.K., Sugar Tax, and the World


Who benefits from a sugar tax? If soda companies have to pay more tax for using sugar, they just might switch over to high fructose corn syrup instead.

Scotland’s Ambition Leads U.K.


Scotland’s relationship with sugar has been “intense” and the national diet is notorious for sugar, salt and fat. What is Scotland doing about it?

United Kingdom vs. Sugar


Public Health England, the health advisory unit in the U.K., stands accused of containing too many people connected with the food and soda industries.

Sugar Politics in the U.K.


The United Kingdom is set to mobilize its soda tax in April of next year. Naturally, controversy does not cease.

Is Philadelphia Soda Tax Working? Too Early to Tell


How is Philadelphia soda tax, implemented earlier this year, doing? It may be too early to tell, and it depends on who is talking.

How Did Philadelphia Soda Tax Happen?


How did the soda tax, such a reviled and embattled piece of legislation, come into effect in Philadelphia? It was a compromise.

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