New CDC Leadership Has Critics


At the CDC, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald took over a government agency which Coca-Cola executives have been fairly open about their attempts to influence.

Valiant Anti-Obesity Efforts in the U.K.


Unlike in the U.S., in the United Kingdom, interest in the subject of childhood obesity never seems to ebb. It just flows from one controversy to the next.

A Visit to the Flaky Fringe


We keep collecting stray theories about obesity villains — the factors, substances and circumstances suspected of contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Is the U.K. Shooting Itself in the Foot Over Sugar?


Fear of sinking profits has inspired beverage companies to seek sugar substitutes to escape the sugar tax that kicks in next year in the UK.

Government Official Credits Being Big to Chocolate Milk

Sec. Perdue is meeting with with Senator Claire McCaskill.

Newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue rolled back some Obama-era school lunch rules, but every story has two sides.

New Leadership at USDA


The USDA recently acquired a new Big Boss, Sonny Perdue, who once ran a fertilizer business and then spent several years as governor of Georgia.

The Battle for Impressionable Minds


Let’s continue to slog through the complicated history of the United Kingdom’s effort to quell obesity.

In the U.K.’s Childhood Obesity Fight, You Can’t Please Everyone


When the United Kingdom issued the long-anticipated blueprint titled “Childhood obesity: a plan for action,” many people felt let down.

The Revolving Door


We continue discussing the Nutrition Coalition, an influence group financed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and dietary guidelines.

Disappointment in the United Kingdom


Still attempting to catch up with the multitudinous events on the obesity front in the U.K., we looked at the updated “Childhood obesity: a plan for action.”

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