The Chicago Soda Tax Rebellion


A lot of taxpayer dollars could have been put to better use such as, to name just a few possibilities, obesity prevention and treatment and diabetes prevention.

Chicago vs. Soda Tax


When the Chicago soda tax was threatened by a lawsuit and a restraining order, officials cast aside all pretense of intent to raise money to fight obesity.

The Chicago Soda Tax Attempt


While various soda tax battles were being waged in California, Colorado, and other states, Illinois entered the fray with a saga worthy of a TV mini-series.

Soda Tax Considerations


The rationale for a soda tax is that money is spent on anti-obesity measures, but in reality the money often goes to all kinds of things.

Soda Tax — How Goes It?


Early last year, an attempt was made to tax soda, but the public wasn’t having it. Even the suggestion to label high-sugar beverages was shot down.

Lessons Learned From the Evaluation of Act 1220


Here are the 10 main obesity prevention conclusions in an Arkansas public school system experiment backed by the RWJF.

More Lessons Learned


Using edible or drinkable treats as a reward is always a mistake, whether done by teachers or parents.

Childhood Obesity? Forget About It.


The Domestic Policy Council wants to slice $193 billion from SNAP outlays over the next 10 years, and make the states pay for 25% of the remaining need.

A Long Slog in the U.K.


Close to half of the U.K.’s young adults are said to be overweight. In the 16 to 24 age group, that’s a million more than the same demographic 20 years ago.

In the U.K., Pro- and Anti-Sugar Forces Contend


More attention should be paid to the societal, biological and environmental factors that encourage maternal obesity.

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