Problem Eating and Mindfulness


Whether it is called a behavioral addiction or a bad habit, problem eating is a maladaptive response to pain. Mindfulness can be a tremendous coping skill for children and parents.

Mindful Eating Tips


To mark World Obesity Day (Oct.11) the UK College of Contemporary Health published a free e-book, “Top 10 Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating.”

The Love Diet


An emotional eater will eat anything, and with most people, it all comes down to emotional eating.

Newfangled Gizmo — the Reverse Feeding Tube


The new reverse feeding tube/stomach pump device called AspireAssist has been called strange, gross, enabling, and a Big Pharma scam.

Mindfulness and Obesity


Mindfulness is asking, “What am I doing right now?” and being aware of the true answer. Practicing it can help emotional eaters.

What’s Up With Healthful Snack Boxes?


Several online companies delivers healthful, natural snacks to the subscriber at regular intervals, but is snacking a form of binge eating?

The Overweight Pet Blues


When a child or pet is given an edible treat to cover depression, anxiety, isolation, emotional pain, or stress, it could lead to addiction.

Food Junkies, a Book


By handling their psychological issues, for instance, via cognitive behavioral therapy, people can abolish their disordered eating patterns.

Taste Receptors Are Everywhere


Childhood Obesity News has been looking at enteroendocrinc cells (EECs) and their potential to be utilized in treating obesity.

The Third Bariatric Surgery Roundup


Bariatric surgery has an encouraging long-term success rate, but submitting to this procedure brings a lifetime of adjustments and compromises.

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