Connecting the Universe of Dots


Childhood Obesity News looks into the relationship between the gut microbiota and the immune system.

American Military Needs Fit Recruits


Among American youth ages of 17-24, 27% of potential recruits are too fat to be accepted into the armed services.

Fat and Famous Folks

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St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) started out as a big, hefty young boy  who only grew bigger, as his biographer G.K. Chesterton wrote: St. Thomas was a huge heavy bull of a man, fat and slow and quiet… His bulk made it easy to regard him humorously as the sort of walking wine-barrel, common in the comedies […]

Too Much of a Good Thing: Christmas Overeating


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and several other holidays all have common characteristics. Free food is everywhere, and who can resist it? A candy cane here, a few cookies there, and pretty soon you’re looking at real calories. Some people are emotionally blackmailed into eating too much, while others eat too much without any kind of bullying. People […]

Childhood Obesity on Native American Day

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There seems to be some confusion about Native American Day. One source says it is today, the fourth Friday in September. Another source says it is today, Friday, but designates the date as the 24th, which was yesterday. The big surprise is that it appears to be unconnected with Native American Heritage Month, which will […]

One Young Man’s Struggle With Obesity


In the study of obesity, the hard sciences count for a lot. Yet every version of hard science has its drawbacks. Scientists can study lab mice under rigorously controlled conditions and make discoveries that might point the way toward ending obesity. Still, no matter how precise the microscopes or how stringent the algorithms, the truth […]

Our Bodies – Prime Real Estate for Microorganisms


Is human suffering just collateral damage in a territorial fight going on inside us? Scientific articles are sprinkled with clues that addiction may be one of the human problems caused or exacerbated by the trillions of microorganisms that live in the human digestive system. The sway they hold over physiological processes is undeniable, and evidence […]

Letter from a British Mum

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Recently, Dr. Pretlow heard from a very distressed mother who lives in a large city in England. Her letter is reproduced here with identifying details removed for privacy, and slightly condensed for space. Dr. Pretlow replied with an extensive list of suggestions. Some of those are included here while the remainder will appear in the […]

Apps, Obesity, and Parents

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Kurbo, a weight-loss app created for young people from age 8 to 18, claims to be different from many others in its market niche. Journalist Amy Graff explored the question of why, and learned that it is “based on practices from a program at Stanford University with a proven track record.” How proven? Graff says: […]

Another Reason to Avoid Obesity: The Job Market

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It is very hard to convince children of anything connected with the future. Reason doesn’t work, because the thoughts of a child or teenager just don’t project into the future. Predicting that a child’s life will be ruined by a facial tattoo, a drug habit, or 300 extra pounds is pretty much an exercise in […]

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