U.K. Obesity Crisis Ongoing


Studies in the United Kingdom are reporting a surge in obesity, anxiety, depression, panic, and eating disorders in kids as young as four.

Beverages That Start With “K”


Lab results have hinted that kombucha might influence both the production of insulin and the storage of body fat.

Saban Institute Shares Research News


Eyes, ears and ideas are all brought together by The Saban Research Institute, which sponsors the Annual Poster Session in June.

Soft Science, Hard Science, and Dads


Happy Father’s Day to the dads who consciously try to have a positive influence on their children’s self-images, and try to keep junk food out of the home.

And Still More on Fathers and Obesity


Whether or not fathers realize it, the behavior they model matters a lot, be it sitting down for a family meal or shunning vegetables.

More Fathers and Obesity


Statistics show that children in homes without fathers face higher risks of child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and childhood obesity.

Fathers and Obesity


Epigenetic markers reveal that dads and their eating patterns can have previously unexpected effects on babies, even before conception.

Body Hunger


Dr. Pretlow’s most recent presentation touches upon the problems with the conventional model of childhood obesity, the addiction model, and obesity treatment.

Fat-Shaming, Science, and Art


Studies show that certain factors like the FTO and microbiome influence us in ways we cannot do anything about, and no amount of fat-shaming would change that.

Microbiota and Their Genes


What causes type 1 diabetes mellitus, or T1DM? There can be a genetic predisposition to it, but other things are going on too.

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