Obesity Villain Suspect — BPA


Studies show that Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor and contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic.

More About Berkeley’s Soda Tax


Studies show that Berkeley had kept its word regarding the soda tax proceeds. A lot of it was spent on children’s health programs.

Lessons Learned


The state of Arkansas tried to implement mandatory BMI screenings in schools, which was met with objections from parents on privacy grounds.

More Quality of Life Studies


Studies show obesity and impaired emotional health can be mutually reciprocal in perpetuating each other, and the negative impact of obesity increases with age.

Quality of Life Studies


Does the quality of life decline because the child is overweight/obese, or do children become overweight/obese in reaction to lives that are already messed up?

How About Those Phthalates?


Evidence points to phthalates being endocrine disruptors. Their presence is associated with allergies, asthma, diabetes, some kinds of cancer, and obesity.

What Are Phthalates and Why Should We Care?


No matter how you feel about phthalates, they are almost impossible to avoid because of their presence in food, water and air.

The Food Addiction — Eating Addiction Quandary


Do you eat because you are depressed, or the other way around? High-fat foods can cause chemical reactions in the brain ultimately leading to depression.

Microbiome Revelations Continue


When the microbiome becomes altered, is it because of the inadequate diet? Or are the harmful changes indirect, caused by conditions created by obesity?

The Microbiome Shares Its Secrets


We are discussing microbiome awareness and ways that could possibly help people maintain normal weight without spending thousands on debilitating operations.

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