The Food Addiction — Eating Addiction Quandary


Do you eat because you are depressed, or the other way around? High-fat foods can cause chemical reactions in the brain ultimately leading to depression.

Microbiome Revelations Continue


When the microbiome becomes altered, is it because of the inadequate diet? Or are the harmful changes indirect, caused by conditions created by obesity?

The Microbiome Shares Its Secrets


We are discussing microbiome awareness and ways that could possibly help people maintain normal weight without spending thousands on debilitating operations.

Early Days of Microbiome Consciousness


Studies of the microbiome showed that gut microbiota influenced everything from autism to chronic pain to body weight, promoting obesity.

Valiant Anti-Obesity Efforts in the U.K.


Unlike in the U.S., in the United Kingdom, interest in the subject of childhood obesity never seems to ebb. It just flows from one controversy to the next.

How to Seriously Damage a Microbiome


How do artificial sweeteners affect our gut flora? The short answer is, not well. There’s strong evidence that our friendly microbes don’t like junk food.

Touring the Flaky Fringe


Whether working mothers hold down jobs by choice or by necessity — they would rather not be blamed for childhood obesity.

Tales From the Flaky Fringe


Today’s punchlines could become tomorrow’s reality, and if there is an underlying cause for the obesity epidemic it’s better to know about it.

Is the U.K. Shooting Itself in the Foot Over Sugar?


Fear of sinking profits has inspired beverage companies to seek sugar substitutes to escape the sugar tax that kicks in next year in the UK.

Obesity in Scotland


Studies show two-thirds of adults in Scotland are overweight. About a third of the kids ages 2-15 are overweight, and 17% are obese.

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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