Another Look at Contagious Obesity


Studies show that people who are related and/or live together share large swaths of their microbial populations.

The Microbiome and Prader-Willi Syndrome


Researchers are trying out genetic manipulation, appetite-curbing drugs, cognitive therapy, electric stimulation of the brain, and more, to combat PWS.

Obesity Villain b29


Prof. Liping Zhao isolated a strain of enterobacter cloacae called b29 and introduced it into the bodies of sterile mice. Here’s what happened.

Prebiotics — Too Good to Be True?


Prof. of Microbiology Liping Zhao investigates the interactions between host genetics, diet and the microbiome, using himself as a subject.

The Microbiota Don’t Like Antibiotics — Of Course!


Trillions of microbiota live mostly in the colon and display intriguing connections with obesity or the lack of it.

Psychiatric Disorders, Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Surgery


After the weight loss surgery, even when the patient seems to be doing fine, the psychological benefits may alternately spike, drop or disappear.

Weight Loss and Psychiatric Disorders


Research shows that despite their long-term success with weight loss, the patients’ mental health on average deteriorated past even their pre-surgery level.

Expertise for Sale


Did you know some registered dietitians are financially rewarded by Coke and the American Beverage Association to hype products and ideas via social media?

More on Childhood Obesity and the Reproductive System


Of all the childhood obesity epidemic’s aspects, one of the most alarming is the ever-decreasing age of puberty. Worse, each condition exacerbates the other.

The Amazing Placebo Effect


Research shows that in the pursuit of weight loss, human support system and attention from a caring professional might be more effective than calorie counting.

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