Trackers and Other Wearable Tech


Different kinds of wearable tech, including fitness trackers for kids, are employed to fight childhood obesity — some more successfully than others.

Devices and EMA — a Match Made in Heaven


Childhood Obesity News continues to discuss studies designed to assess the usefulness of Ecological Momentary Assessment in evaluating physical activity.

More on Ecological Momentary Assessment


Studies show that EMA works well in combination with technological data-gathering devices, and is an effective tool in evaluating physical activity.

Ecological Momentary Assessment and Teens


Ecological Momentary Assessment helps researchers collect data, including factors that target behavior change for the weight-management interventions.

News From the Flaky Fringe


A subject as large as obesity is bound to attract a lot of theories. Among them is an effort to revive the “forgotten food sense.”

Mental Health Professionals and Obesity


Having discussed the almost non-existent role of psychiatrists in treating obesity, we now look at the psychiatric or mental health nurse practitioner.

Where Does Psychiatry Stand?


Since most obesity results from overeating, which should be defined as an eating disorder, is it most effectively treated by the mental health professionals?

Act 1220 From Arkansas — the Rest of the List


A summary of the 10 things learned from an important study on obesity prevention by the state of Arkansas (with the help of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

More on EMA and Childhood Obesity


EMA and EMI are being used in research to help reveal what causes the increasingly alarming childhood obesity statistics.

Ecological Momentary Assessment and Childhood Obesity


Ecological Momentary Assessment can stand alone as a treatment modality for obesity, without bringing pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures into the picture.

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