Functional Medicine and Obesity


Trauma and epidemics are different from chronic illness because nothing is more subjective than chronic illness, and every case is rife with individual factors.

Professionals and Nutritional Awareness


As highly-regarded authority figures doctors are often expected to lead by example, and nutrition education in med school cannot be underestimated.

Different Strokes for Different Folks


The concept of one-size-fits-all solutions to obesity no longer applies. Just like with individual reactions to foods, many approaches work.

Everything You Know About Obesity Awareness Is Wrong


A University of Liverpool study found that when people are aware of being overweight they’re more likely to gain weight. Is ignorance bliss?

Too Much Awareness?


Is there such a thing as too much awareness? One study showed that people who perceive themselves to be overweight are at greater risk for weight gain.

Childhood Obesity Awareness in New Jersey and Beyond


In New Jersey, nearly one child in four is overweight or obese. The local YMCA’s Healthy U program offers parents anti-obesity guidelines.

The Tribal Urge to Belong


Could it be that more obese people experience a higher quality of life because they come closer every day to being a part of the majority?

Are Obese Kids Miserable? Maybe.


One of the big mysteries of obesity is whether the children and teenagers are happy or not, and how obesity affects their quality of life.

Are Obese Kids Miserable? No.


There are so many ways for obesity to negatively impact a young life, it seems unlikely that anyone could remain emotionally unaffected.

Don’t Tread On Us


The fourth in a series of posts about conscious and subconscious mechanisms that lead to behavioral change, based on a McKinsey Institute research paper.

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