Fat-Shaming, Science, and Art


Studies show that certain factors like the FTO and microbiome influence us in ways we cannot do anything about, and no amount of fat-shaming would change that.

Microbiota and Their Genes


What causes type 1 diabetes mellitus, or T1DM? There can be a genetic predisposition to it, but other things are going on too.

Obesity, Epigenetics and a Wild Card


We can influence the impact of DNA methylation by avoiding sugar and stress, and by getting enough quality sleep, among other things.

Fat-Shaming in American Culture


From the classic examples of media fat-shaming in the movies to the cliched iconography of obesity, obesity is often portrayed with a strong anti-fat bias.

The Problematic Dietary Guidelines


A look at how the most recent set of Dietary Guidelines for Americans went from recommendation to reality. They may not sound like a big deal, but they matter.

Guidelines of Contention


How did the most recent revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans come into being? The backstory is more complicated than a spy novel.

How Policy Is Made


Where should nutrition advice come from? And who should and should not be funding related research?

The Epigenetics Obesity Dream


Obesity can be a “legacy” passed on to succeeding generations, not only for genetic reasons but for epigenetic ones.

Letting Moms Off the Hook


When people eat real food, and eliminate toxins and stress, less damage occurs and sometimes things happen that seem miraculous.

Significant Developments in Treating Obesity


Dr.Pretlow be conducting a workshop on Tuesday, April 18, on “Treatment of Obesity Using the Addiction Model” for a conference in the U.K.

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