Scotland Sets the Pace


Last November the Scottish branch of the National Health Service came out with a recommendation for government-run fat camps for kids.

Everything Else You Know About Fat Is Wrong


Is what you know about fat wrong? Childhood Obesity News explores the latest research findings on this complex organ and its links to the obesity epidemic.

Everything You Know About Fat Is Wrong


Low-fat processed foods are not remarkably delicious on their own. Add massive injections of sugar and salt, wrap it in a gaudy package, and we’ve got a winner.

Epigenetics and Grandkids

44225155 - finger art of couple with meter. the concept man is thin, woman is fat.

Research proves that some epigenetic changes can be passed along to children and even grandchildren.

What’s Up With Epigenetics?


As if the multi-factorial plague of obesity were not complicated enough already, it seems that epigenetics must be counted in the equation.

If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy


When things are not going well in the digestive tract, where trillions of organisms make their home, the rest of the body will not fare well.

Ain’t Nobody Happy


When given the wrong kind of sustenance, the digestive system, and mainly, the trillions of inhabitants of the large intestine, will take revenge.

If Momma Ain’t Happy


When a healthful balance is in effect, the interests of the microbiome and the human host are aligned. With bacteria out of balance bad things can happen.

The Wars Within


Metabolism has a lot to do with obesity, and when it comes to health and healing, the care and feeding of the microbiome might be the next big thing.

Revenge of the Microbiome


If given the chance, the bugs that live inside us are mostly helpful. Like any other tenant, they know (on some level) that it is not in their best interest to burn down the house. But they do have their priorities. If we send too much of the wrong stuff down the chute they do not […]

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