Emotional Momentary Assessment and Childhood Obesity


Ecological Momentary Assessment can stand alone as a treatment modality for obesity, without bringing pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures into the picture.

What Is Ecological Momentary Assessment For?


Part data-collection technique and part therapeutic modality, Ecological Momentary Assessment is adaptable to many situations, including treating obesity.

What Is Ecological Momentary Assessment?


Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) cultivates self awareness and collects “ecologically valid” data, which could be useful in treating obesity.

The Web Assists Physicians and Patients


In defeating childhood obesity, methods that work for adults, namely inpatient rehab facilities and bariatric surgery, are not always suitable for children.

Where Doctors Go for Answers


How do medical professionals keep up with new developments? Certain guidelines help diagnose and prescribe treatment for obese patients more consistently.

Quality of Life Roundup


Some studies found quality of life of obese kids to be on a par with that of juvenile chemotherapy patients.

Potato Lore


Although the potato’s claim to be the perfect food is neither verified nor refuted here, potato lore is interesting.

Can Sub-Optimal Attitudes Change?


Obesity bias begins early in childhood. There’s evidence that children as young as four and five respond differently to obese peers than normal-weight peers.

Functional Medicine and Obesity


Trauma and epidemics are different from chronic illness because nothing is more subjective than chronic illness, and every case is rife with individual factors.

Professionals and Nutritional Awareness


As highly-regarded authority figures doctors are often expected to lead by example, and nutrition education in med school cannot be underestimated.

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