Sugar — The Battle in Britain


Childhood Obesity News has been tracking the anti-sugar movement as it manifests in the United Kingdom.

The Oliver Effect


The taxpayers can’t afford to pay for all the illness caused by all the obesity, yet the taxpayers keep on getting fat.

Corporate Trickery and Sugar in the United Kingdom


The beverage industry should stop spending so much on advertising to kids, leave prices where they are, pay the tax, and eat the difference.

Sugar and Corporate Trickery in the United Kingdom


The struggle to reduce sugar consumption via an economic solution is entwined with the eternal British problem of class warfare.

Psychological Dimensions of Childhood Obesity


The drawback of behavioral interventions is that, unless the subjects are in a very restrictive environment like boot camp, people can’t be made to do things.

Fairness and Sugar Tax in the United Kingdom


Any time a sugar tax is proposed the same arguments are heard. Who benefits? Who gets hurt? Where does a government’s concern for the citizens’ welfare end?

The CDC-Coke Scandal and Beyond


To advance the interests of the beverage industry is not part of the CDC’s job description, but to improve the health of Americans including obese children is.

The CDC-Coke Scandal, Continued


We keep learning about Dr. Michael Pratt, a senior CDC official whose coziness with the soft drink industry violates many a comfort level.

The CDC-Coke Scandal


A few unseemly ties have been uncovered between the Coca-Cola Company and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The United Kingdom’s Ongoing Obesity Struggle


According to the UK’s National Health Service, junk food and sugar-sweetened beverages would kill 53,000 and cost nearly $8 billion yearly.

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