Measuring for Improvement


Childhood Obesity News looks at the importance of weighing food portions as part of the W8Loss2Go program.

An Open Letter to Justin Williamson


While we can’t set these words to music, we hope Justin Williamson will take them to heart anyway. The outstandingly talented, morbidly obese youth has embarked on a path of changing his life and inspiring others to do the same. As Dr. Pretlow says, “This teen has quite a voice!” That he can belt out […]

Dr. Pretlow’s Advice to a British Mum

Addiction Model Intervention

{NOTE: Yesterday Childhood Obesity News published, with the kind permission of its author, a moving communication from a mother in Great Britain, along with the beginning of Dr. Pretlow’s response. Here is the rest of that reply.} You can’t make her accept your help, but only offer her the opportunity. It’s up to her. She really […]

Obese Youth and Motivation


Research shows that obese young people have a significantly lower quality of life rating — the same quality of life rating as young cancer patients who are on chemotherapy. Ostensibly, the low quality of life of obese youth is due to their being obese (not being able to wear cool clothes, not getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, being […]

The Weigh to Rock: A Nutritionist’s Guide Through Child Obesity


Nutritional therapists and dietitians play an indispensable role on the front lines of obesity treatment, as most physicians likely refer their obese patients to a nutritionist at some point. In addition, many nutritionists receive self-referrals from patients who are ready to face their weight problems. Typical obesity therapy by nutritionists consists of instructing the client […]

A Young Student Asks About Childhood Obesity

Dr. Pretlow Speaking

Not long ago, Dr. Pretlow was asked a series of questions by a young student whose area of interest is the impact of childhood obesity on the overall development of a child. Quite logically, she first inquired about the leading cause of obesity today, to which Dr. Pretlow answered: Based on data from thousands of […]

Food Addiction and Childhood Obesity: Now What Do We Do?


(Part Two of a Two-Part Post — View Part One) The first part of this post had to do with the fact that the “healthy eating and exercise” approach for ending the childhood obesity epidemic just isn’t working. Compelling new evidence now points to actual addiction to highly-pleasurable comfort foods, like junk food and fast […]

Ending Childhood Obesity Through Healthy Eating & Exercise?


I recently witnessed two teenagers in a group, one advising the other how to lose weight. The first teen glibly proclaimed, All you gotta do is eat healthy and exercise! Whereupon, the second teen indignantly retorted, That is sooo not it!!! I know what to eat, I just can’t resist bad food!! And exercise is, […]

Childhood Obesity Conflicts of Interest


Childhood Obesity Science Conflicts of Interest If a tobacco company were to fund an anti-smoking scientific journal, most people would point out the glaring conflict of interest. Yet, a new peer-reviewed, scientific journal, Childhood Obesity (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.), was launched in September 2010 with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Kellogg Foundation’s […]

Medical Science and Food Addiction – Part 2

Fuel Up To Play 60

(Part Two of a Two-Part Post)(View Part One) by Robert A. Pretlow, M.D. My last post had to do with the difficulty of medical science in accepting food addiction as a cause of the obesity epidemic. This post presents how the evidence for food addiction is being downplayed. Anecdotal Data I recently talked with Robert […]

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