Food Addiction

The food addiction paradigm is a primary cause of the childhood and adult obesity epidemic. Highly pleasurable foods, such as junk food and fast food, can be addictive. Posts in this section explore food addiction and its impact on obesity.

Dr. Robert Pretlow at the Symposium


Can inpatient rehab methods that treat childhood obesity be replicated in a way that makes them widely available at a lower cost?

Dr. Fernando Fernandez-Aranda at the Symposium

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Dr. Fernando Fernandez-Aranda spoke at the WPA symposium on the traits shared by patients with obesity and eating disorders.

Dr. Caroline Davis at the Symposium


Dr. Caroline Davis, who co-chaired a WPA symposium with Dr. Pretlow, believes compulsive overeating can be successfully treated with addiction-based methods.

Dr. Nicole Avena at the Symposium


At the WPA symposium Dr. Avena talked about physiological similarities between drug and food addictions and looking at overeating through the lens of addiction.

Dr. Pretlow’s WPA World Congress Symposium


Dr. Pretlow would like to see more psychiatrists and psychologists regard disordered overeating and the consequent obesity as a psychological problem.

Psychiatry, Psychology, Obesity


Is obesity a psychological or physical issue? It’s time to take a hard look and think about where, among the confusing plethora of terminology, it might belong.

Obesity and Food Addiction Terminology Roundup


Language matters. There is an obesity epidemic, and there is nothing wrong with calling it that.

BFRBs, the Dual Evil of Soda, and Cosmic Big Mama Cat


How much of what we call motor activity, including eating as a tension-relieving BFRB, is a perverse response to touch deprivation?

Relationship Between Food Addiction and BED


Whether compulsive eating is a substance addiction or a behavioral addiction, the results are pretty much the same: obesity and assorted co-morbidities.

Peripheral Professions in Obesity Treatment


Once the parents grasp the fact that their child is obese, how does a primary care physician decide what advice to give them?

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