Food Addiction

The food addiction paradigm is a primary cause of the childhood and adult obesity epidemic. Highly pleasurable foods, such as junk food and fast food, can be addictive. Posts in this section explore food addiction and its impact on obesity.

More About BFRBs


As it turns out, food addiction appears to be not so much a substance addiction as was previously thought. It’s more about sensation than chemistry. Or is it?

Self-Inflicted Wounds


When a person’s coping mechanism is a body-focused repetitive behavior, like shoveling in spoonfuls of sugary cereal, this qualifies as self-sabotage.

Significant Developments in Treating Obesity


Dr.Pretlow be conducting a workshop on Tuesday, April 18, on “Treatment of Obesity Using the Addiction Model” for a conference in the U.K.

The Universality of Addiction


Is overeating a substance addiction? A mass of evidence points to overeating as a behavioral addiction.

Battle Lines Hotly Discussed


Childhood Obesity News has been looking back at how things were several years ago, regarding the struggle between the government and the food industry. Dr. Pretlow reflected, at the time: Ideally, all food advertising directed at children should be banned. Food advertising directed at children is, in truth, enticement rather than advertising. Only highly pleasurable foods […]

Food Addiction vs. Eating Addiction


Those who want to lose weight would have to shed old eating habits. Eating is a behavior, and behavioral addictions are amenable to behavioral therapy.

Obesity From Different Perspectives


Considering the proportions and implications of the obesity crisis humanity can’t afford to dismiss any ideas. We’re grasping at straws.

The Bugs That Slip Us a Mickey


It now seems entirely possible that the consumption of four particular kinds of microbes can allay human anxiety, without side effects.

Microbes, Mood and Obesity


Anxiety and depression are two of the main triggers of disordered eating behavior. Do the gut bugs have anything to do with enabling it?

Food vs. LOLz


Maybe answers to both diabetes and misery-based obesity can be discovered by listening to and befriending the microbiota.

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