Culture, Health, and the Appalling Thing About Teenagers


The kids who are drinking even one sugar-sweetened beverage per week are more than twice as likely already to be obese by the time they start kindergarten.

The Battle for Impressionable Minds


Let’s continue to slog through the complicated history of the United Kingdom’s effort to quell obesity.

Where Did Pokemon Go?


We don’t hear much about Pokemon GO anymore. Did people simply stop wanting to play? Did it have anything to do with the health benefits or lack thereof?

Elusive Motivation


How are kids supposed to know there is something better to reach for? It’s even harder without ever having been introduced to positive feelings.

In the U.K.’s Childhood Obesity Fight, You Can’t Please Everyone


When the United Kingdom issued the long-anticipated blueprint titled “Childhood obesity: a plan for action,” many people felt let down.

The Revolving Door


We continue discussing the Nutrition Coalition, an influence group financed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and dietary guidelines.

Fat-Shaming in American Culture


From the classic examples of media fat-shaming in the movies to the cliched iconography of obesity, obesity is often portrayed with a strong anti-fat bias.

Disappointment in the United Kingdom


Still attempting to catch up with the multitudinous events on the obesity front in the U.K., we looked at the updated “Childhood obesity: a plan for action.”

The Problematic Dietary Guidelines


A look at how the most recent set of Dietary Guidelines for Americans went from recommendation to reality. They may not sound like a big deal, but they matter.

Guidelines of Contention


How did the most recent revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans come into being? The backstory is more complicated than a spy novel.

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