Psychiatric Disorders, Weight Loss, and Weight Loss Surgery


After the weight loss surgery, even when the patient seems to be doing fine, the psychological benefits may alternately spike, drop or disappear.

Weight Loss and Psychiatric Disorders


Research shows that despite their long-term success with weight loss, the patients’ mental health on average deteriorated past even their pre-surgery level.

Challenges of Post-Weight-Loss Life

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What are the challenges faced by people who go on to lose a huge proportion of their body weight?

Creating a Normal-Weight Future


A child who never becomes overweight is far less likely to become an obese teen or a morbidly obese adult.

A City Refurbished for Health


We’ve been following the story of Oklahoma City’s transformation, when Mayor Mike Cornett led the people to undertake what was described as a war on fat.

Oklahoma City and the Combat Paradigm


In Oklahoma City, Mayor Mike Cornett led the people to undertake what was described as a war on fat. Here’s more on the amazing transformation of Oklahoma city.

When a City Goes on a Diet


When Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett challenged the citizens in 2012 to collectively lose a million pounds 47,000 people signed up.

“Dieting” for Weight Loss


Some studies suggest that the reducing diet accomplishes neither weight loss nor anything but frustration and feelings of failure.

Another Look at Long-Term Weight Loss


When it comes to maintaining long-term weight loss, people need to know how to use their energy for self-betterment rather than self-destruction, among other things.

More Fat Pharmacy


Childhood Obesity News has been tracing the recent history of weight-loss drugs, of which Vyvanse is an example.

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