What British People Debate in Pubs


Rather than merely dispensing nutrition advice, we need to teach how to cope with life challenges and encourage change in overweight people’s behavior.

Drama in the United Kingdom


Some proponents are leveraging their support for the proposed sugar tax against assurances the the government will do more to curb obesity.

U.K. Sugar Tax Opponents Have Their Say

dentist with kid patient

The sugar tax opponents in the U.K. will diplomatically concede that a sugar tax might work — if sugar were the sole cause of obesity — which, alas, it is not.

The U.K. Moves Closer to Sugar Tax


The UK is Europe’s third most obese nation, groaning under the expense of obesity-related illness. Will the long-awaited sugar tax change anything?

Scotland Sets the Pace


Last November the Scottish branch of the National Health Service came out with a recommendation for government-run fat camps for kids.

What’s Up With Brown Fat?


Recent research may help develop pharmaceuticals that activate “brown fat” — thus making a difference for people suffering from diabetes and obesity.

The Life and Times of Brown Fat


Do children have more brown fat because they are thin, or are they thin because they have more brown fat?

Dr. Pretlow Speaks at ICBA 2017


Dr. Pretlow gave an oral presentation in Haifa, Israel, at the 4th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions, on a pilot study of obesity treatment.

Freezing Fat and the Flaky Fringe


Fat freezing is an FDA-approved treatment that has been around for a while, mainly under the name of CoolSculpting. But is it safe?

Mexican Sugar Tax Activists Walk on the Wild Side


Coca-Cola uses bribery, intimidation and coercive campaigns to squash the rivals and those trying to reduce soda consumption in Central and South Americas.

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