More on EMA and Childhood Obesity


EMA and EMI are being used in research to help reveal what causes the increasingly alarming childhood obesity statistics.

Ecological Momentary Assessment and Childhood Obesity


Ecological Momentary Assessment can stand alone as a treatment modality for obesity, without bringing pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures into the picture.

What Is Ecological Momentary Assessment For?


Part data-collection technique and part therapeutic modality, Ecological Momentary Assessment is adaptable to many situations, including treating obesity.

What Is Ecological Momentary Assessment?


Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) cultivates self awareness and collects “ecologically valid” data, which could be useful in treating obesity.

Why Measuring Matters


The mind is a trickster, especially when rewards are involved, and food is very rewarding.

Measuring for Improvement


Childhood Obesity News looks at the importance of weighing food portions as part of the W8Loss2Go program.

The Manly Art of Portion Weighing


In developing the W8Loss2Go addiction approach for weight loss, Dr. Pretlow has noticed that some kids resist weighing their food portions.

Food Portions — Why Weigh?


The steps of the W8Loss2Go program are withdrawal from problem foods, withdrawal from snacking or grazing, and food scale-weighing.

What Is Urge-Surfing?


Young people are fed up with nutrition information. What they cry out for is a way to cope with the desire to overeat.

Dr. Robert Pretlow at the Symposium


Can inpatient rehab methods that treat childhood obesity be replicated in a way that makes them widely available at a lower cost?

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