Shaming Fat-Shaming


Exotic varieties of shame grow around the topic of obesity, from Facebook’s now-abandoned “I’m feeling fat” status update to Nicole Arbour’s YouTube diatribes.

The Revolving Door


We continue discussing the Nutrition Coalition, an influence group financed by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and dietary guidelines.

Obesity, Epigenetics and a Wild Card


We can influence the impact of DNA methylation by avoiding sugar and stress, and by getting enough quality sleep, among other things.

Fat-Shaming, a Longtime Tradition


A lot of people certainly want fat-shaming to be effective, and, sadly, many of them are parents. There are too many instances where parents damage a child because their own self-esteem and reputation are at stake. They don’t want the world to look down on them, blaming and shaming them for having an overweight child. […]

When Fat-Shaming Doesn’t Work


Jenny Kanevsky sang in a rock band, went to grad school, ran a business, tried stand-up comedy, wrote a novel, and raised two children. Considering the obstacles she faced growing up as a broad-shouldered, rather hefty girl, it is rather wonderful that she emerged as such a versatile and self-realized being. As a grownup who has […]

Fat-Shaming in American Culture


From the classic examples of media fat-shaming in the movies to the cliched iconography of obesity, obesity is often portrayed with a strong anti-fat bias.

More About BFRBs


As it turns out, food addiction appears to be not so much a substance addiction as was previously thought. It’s more about sensation than chemistry. Or is it?

Self-Inflicted Wounds


When a person’s coping mechanism is a body-focused repetitive behavior, like shoveling in spoonfuls of sugary cereal, this qualifies as self-sabotage.

The Dietary Guidelines Saga


Is Nutrition Coalition’s campaign “dangerous and harmful” — as some critics claim? The saga of the revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans continues.

Lobbyistic Nonsense


Today we consider an example of the type of resistance the Center for Digital Democracy and other advocacy groups have been up against.

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