A Visit to the Flaky Fringe


We keep collecting stray theories about obesity villains — the factors, substances and circumstances suspected of contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Obesity in Scotland


Studies show two-thirds of adults in Scotland are overweight. About a third of the kids ages 2-15 are overweight, and 17% are obese.

U.K. Obesity Crisis Ongoing


Studies in the United Kingdom are reporting a surge in obesity, anxiety, depression, panic, and eating disorders in kids as young as four.

The Very Wide World of Beverages


This post touches upon the fermented beverages like kvass and kefir, as well as Coca-Cola’s ready-to-drink coffee business in Japan, and its “sleep water.”

More Non-Mainstream Water Substitutes


Whether kids are normal-weight, overweight, or obese, they don’t need soda, sports drinks or fruit juice. All they need is water.

Beverages Emerge


Each year, Coke and its many sister corporations bring 500 new drinks to market, all in search of a solid and lasting hit.

Some Functional Beverages


Instead of appreciating pure water we “enhance” it for “premium hydration” — but are functional beverages, including cold-pressed juice, better for your health?

Emerging Beverages Aim for Weight Loss Market


Childhood Obesity News continues to explore some of the ways that humans have invented to adulterate nature’s perfect liquid. Strangely, criticism of “value-added water” is not as easy to find as might be expected. The idea that water is inadequate to the task of hydration has become normalized. What is wrong with us humans that we […]

Another Kind of Water Pollution?


Is value-added water what it claims to be? Why must water taste of anything at all?

“Value-Added Water” — What the Heck?


The beverage industry continues to make unacceptable moves. There is no respite from the assault upon our bodies and our intelligence.

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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