Loss Aversion and Manipulation


Disordered overeating and obesity in youth stem from psychological problems. Disordered overeating that leads to obesity is, by definition, an eating disorder.

Obesity Is Shrink Territory


Dr. Pretlow makes a good case for the idea that obesity is primarily a psychological problem, and even a layperson knows that depression leads to overeating.

Dr. Pretlow’s WPA World Congress Message


Is obesity an eating disorder? Yes. Obesity and caloric intake are inextricably entwined, but it’s also possible for people who don’t overeat to become obese.

Escape From FOMO


To overcome FOMO, abolish the scarcity mindset and cultivate the abundance mindset. Bring mindfulness to the table for every meal.

The Roots of FOMO


Life provides unlimited opportunities for food FOMO, largely because humans believe every meeting of family and friends must include food.

What Is FOMO?


To experience FOMO a person must first feel entitled to have the desired thing. There is a conviction that one is owed something.

Did McDonald’s Invent the Most Lethal Slogan Ever?


There is a link between the McDonald’s slogan “You deserve a break today” and the obesity epidemic, and especially its connection with FOMO.

Up-to-Date Quality of Life Roundup


Are obese kids miserable? According to many indications, the answer is yes, although getting confirmation is not as easy as it sounds.

Good News From “Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention”


Dr. Pretlow’s article, “Addiction to Highly Pleasurable Food as a Cause of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic…” was named one of the top 25 articles by EDJTP.

The Continued “Quality of Life” Roundup


Quality of life comes in several varieties, and none of them can perform its magic if the person is depressed, as is often the case with obese children.

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