An American Dilemma


Should we criticize the invocation of the First Amendment to safeguard the impunity with which corporations marketed harmful junk food to children?

Advertising Retrospective


To counteract the deceptive and sometimes ludicrous claims that warp kids’ minds and worsen the obesity epidemic, public scrutiny is necessary.

Everything You Know About Fat Is Still Wrong


The subject of body fat has been slowly revealing its secrets, and causing some astonishment along the way.

Food Addiction vs. Eating Addiction


Those who want to lose weight would have to shed old eating habits. Eating is a behavior, and behavioral addictions are amenable to behavioral therapy.

The Current State of Fat


Jerome Groopman’s article in The New Yorker touches upon our perception of body fat, popular diets, size acceptance, and the latest in obesity research.

More British Pub Debates


Childhood Obesity News has been looking at matters connected with the United Kingdom’s sugar tax. Among other things, what people require are coping skills.

What British People Debate in Pubs


Rather than merely dispensing nutrition advice, we need to teach how to cope with life challenges and encourage change in overweight people’s behavior.

Drama in the United Kingdom


Some proponents are leveraging their support for the proposed sugar tax against assurances the the government will do more to curb obesity.

U.K. Sugar Tax Opponents Have Their Say

dentist with kid patient

The sugar tax opponents in the U.K. will diplomatically concede that a sugar tax might work — if sugar were the sole cause of obesity — which, alas, it is not.

Everything Else You Know About Fat Is Wrong


Is what you know about fat wrong? Childhood Obesity News explores the latest research findings on this complex organ and its links to the obesity epidemic.

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