The Unshakeable Ronald McDonald


McDonald’s has been accused of breaking its promise not to carry on marketing in schools, and of using charity as a shield to distract its critics.

Will Ronald McDonald Ever Retire?


Like with all the advertising mascots, Ronald McDonald’s mission is to infiltrate and undermine the parents’ role as authority figures. Should he just retire?

Ronald McDonald: His Life and Work


Last fall, the corporate HQ announced that Ronald was going to chill for a while, at least until the clown hysteria passed, so he hadn’t been doing much.

The Microbiome and Diabetes


Studies show that people who live together and/or are related have very similar microbiomes. What does this mean for people who struggle with diabetes?

Dr. Pretlow Speaks at ICBA 2017


Dr. Pretlow gave an oral presentation in Haifa, Israel, at the 4th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions, on a pilot study of obesity treatment.

Another Look at Contagious Obesity


Studies show that people who are related and/or live together share large swaths of their microbial populations.

Where Is the Flaky Fringe?


Today’s absurd joke too often becomes tomorrow’s reality, as is the case with some of the obesity-related “cures” and theories.

Mexican Sugar Tax Activists Walk on the Wild Side


Coca-Cola uses bribery, intimidation and coercive campaigns to squash the rivals and those trying to reduce soda consumption in Central and South Americas.

Mexico As Soda Tax Lighthouse


Whenever the idea of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages to prevent obesity is discussed people react by asking for studies. Problem is, there aren’t many.

How Mexico Got Its Soda Tax


The connections between poverty and obesity are familiar territory. No government wants to deal with them, but a sugar tax brings at least partial satisfaction.

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