Is Ghrelin an Obesity Villain?

Fat Pigs

Ghrelin, the “hunger hormone,” reminds us to eat, in case we forget. It’s like the warning light on a car’s dashboard that tells you to add oil before the engine seizes up. Face-to-face with an opossum, “yum yum” would not be a person’s first thought. It took the survival-stimulating chemical ghrelin to make the connection […]

Another Round of Fatlogic

Who's in there_

There is a difference between recognizing that a condition is unhealthy and demonizing people who live with that condition. Many dedicated scientists, medical professionals, therapists, and others are vitally interested in helping people escape from morbid obesity. This does not mean they hate or look down on people who are overweight or obese. But somehow, […]

How Connected are the Microbiome Dots?

Curious and Curiouser, V

The human digestive tract has its own ecosystem inhabited by trillions of beings whose ability to influence our health appears stronger with every new study. In particular, the organisms inside the gut seem to wield uncanny power over the presence or absence of chronic inflammation in the body. Much has been written about the gut […]

The Origin of Fatlogic

I'm not eatin' that

The majority of babies are born with a powerful drive—the desire to fit in, be accepted as part of the community, and recognized as a legitimate and valued member of it. They quickly learn that a sure way to get attention and approval is to imitate the actions of the adults and children around them. […]

The Wacky World of Fatlogic (Roundup)

Jack Barton tweet humor

Humans are so clever, they can talk themselves into just about anything. The fatlogic mindset is not just one set of beliefs, but a spectrum that ranges from hostile defensiveness on one end to self-deprecating humor on the other. Some fat-logicians are militant spokespeople whose rhetorical skills would be envied by any ideological movement. They […]

Sugar Roundup, Continued

Day of the Dead Cookies

This is a continuation of the collection of various Childhood Obesity News posts about sugar, a substance considered by some to be a white drug as dangerous as cocaine or heroin. “When Practice Does Not Make Perfect” looked at the historical significance of sugar in the context of Christianity—specifically the ecclesiastical season of Lent. Traditionally, […]

Halloween Roundup, Continued

Happy Hoosier Halloween

Halloween isn’t here yet, so there is still time to consider new strategies. But maybe the super-size sacks of candy have already been bought. That particular type of early preparedness is definitely not a good idea, by the way. As we have mentioned before,  a very real danger exists that someone will start nibbling early, […]

Halloween Roundup

Pumpkin Carving

There is still time to plan for a reasonable response to the annual sugar festival known as Halloween. Childhood Obesity News has amassed a great number of hints and strategies that an overwhelmed parent or teacher might find useful to help do things differently in 2015. “Rethinking Halloween with SAAD” looks at some goofy costumes […]

Globesity Roundup and What It’s Worth

one world

In 2011, Hungary bit the bullet and began taxing sugar, fat, and caffeine, as a way for the government to take in some money for treatment of the damage caused by those substances. Several other European countries sat up and took notice. “Globesity—the Big Picture” had more to say about Hungary’s try at implementing a […]

Highlights from “The Cost of Sugar Addiction”

Sugar skulls!

A while back, Childhood Obesity News featured a four-part series about the many costs, both obvious and obscure, of sugar addiction. The toxicity of sugar is not a new concept. In the 1960s, Prof. John Yudkin sounded the alarm and was universally regarded as a crank. Health policy investigator Gary Taubes explains how the well-regarded […]

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