Still More Halloween Strategies


Today’s message in our Halloween-themed series is mainly about the very end stage of Halloween night. What to do with the loot?

More Halloween Strategies


If you want a candy-less Halloween provide enough entertaining activities for your kids, who value your attention more than sugar.

Halloween Strategies


Halloween can be a difficult time for overweight children. We suggests ways for families to ease the stress by adopting some best practices.

How to Make Halloween Memories


Redesign the Halloween tradition to emphasize creativity and family togetherness, and candy will be the last thing on your kids’ minds.

Remodeling Halloween


What can we do to make Halloween candy collection less important? One option is to shift the emphasis to creativity and participation.

Halloween — a Paradigm Shift


Here’s a quick rundown of the insidious ways Halloween could do harm, along with some suggestions for “best practices.”

Some Possibly Missing Pieces


Children overeat to cancel out bad feelings. This age-old problem is unlikely to be solved by a brochure.

The Love Diet


An emotional eater will eat anything, and with most people, it all comes down to emotional eating.

Pet Week — a Quick Review


Studies found that children in dog-owning homes tend to get more exercise. Pets can also provide comfort and exert a relaxing influence that relieves the stress in many lives.

Everything You Know About Summer Is Wrong

The yearly children’s weight changes could be indicative of larger issues in need of fixing. Why does it happen? Could the standard school year be the problem?

Childhood Obesity News | OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say | Dr. Robert A. Pretlow
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