Childhood Obesity’s Urgent Message

Chubby Baby

Last time, Childhood Obesity News looked at part of the conversation between author Michael Prager and Dr. Christopher Ochner, a researcher in obesity and nutrition. They touched upon many points, but the big takeaway from Dr. Ochner’s studies has to do with prevention. Everything he says emphasizes the importance of stopping childhood obesity before it […]

Younger Kids and Motivation

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Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News discussed how Dr. Pretlow was interviewed for a school assignment by 13-year-old Heidi Zahnleuter. In the finished paper, she writes of the importance of motivation: The key factor to losing weight is to be motivated. Many children and teens cannot motivate themselves for long enough to lose weight. In order to slim […]

Sean Croxton on Motivation

Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton is being listened to by a lot of people these days. They even wear shirts emblazoned with the letters JERF, an acronym for his slogan “Just Eat Real Food.” He promotes the idea of personal responsibility because it’s so obviously the finest way to live. The reason for this introduction is to look […]

Waiting for the Tipping Point

Old McDonald Had a Farm

“Waiting for the tipping point” — what does that mean? According to Jacques Peretti, host of the third episode in the BBC TV series The Men Who Made Us Fat, it means that eventually the British government will realize that it is paying out more for the National Health Service to deal with the results […]

Childhood Obesity, Co-Morbidities and Surgery

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Yesterday, Childhood Obesity News talked about morbid or severe obesity. Another important term is “co-morbidity.” In the realm of obesity, co-morbidities can include the well-known insulin resistance syndrome (or metabolic syndrome), Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Obese children are also apt to suffer from high blood pressure, asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, structural damage to bones, […]

What’s Bugging the Gluten Blamers?

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In November, Dr. Tom O’Bryan of gathered 29 researchers, clinicians and nutritionists to pool their intellectual and experiential resources for a Gluten Summit. Rye and barley also contain the protein they deem toxic, but wheat is by far the most consumed food product of the genre. One of the interesting features of the gluten […]

What’s So Bad About Gluten?

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What’s so bad about gluten? Well, nothing, according to mainstream medicine and Dr. Pretlow. The idea that gluten has particularly harmful qualities is not universally accepted. The majority opinion is that obesity results from eating too much food, i.e. consuming too many calories, and then not doing enough physical activity to work them off. And […]

9 Ways Gluten Goes Undercover

Gluten Free Aisle

In the science of forensics, transfer theory holds that a criminal will always leave trace evidence at the crime scene. A person with celiac disease has to be as suspicious and hyper-vigilant as a detective dusting for fingerprints. If the grocery store has bulk bins, the scoop you use to measure out some safe food […]

Dr. William Davis Warns of Gluten

staff of life

In 2011, William Davis, M.D., published the book Wheat Belly, whose message is that “over-consumption of wheat is the main cause of the obesity and diabetes crisis in the United States.” Some of his medical peers are uncomfortable with assigning so much blame to the fabled Staff of Life, and they all have different reasons. For […]

Dr. Daniel Amen Identifies 5 Brain Patterns of Overeaters


As we have seen, one school of thought holds that gluten is addictive. A lot of foodstuffs (as well as myriad other products) contain gluten, and gluten critics say the substance is what causes so many people to be addicted to certain foods. Any doubt can be banished by observing how often people want to take […]

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