Behind the Childhood Obesity Epidemic


Childhood Obesity News discussed the publication of Mrs. Obama’s book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, which received a lot of publicity when it first became available, and continues to do so. Just a couple of weeks ago, the First Lady was a guest on a TV show […]

Twin Epidemics: Childhood Obesity and Diabetes, Part 3


It’s National Diabetes Month, 2012. In the effort to solve diabetes and childhood obesity, why do we look at research based on data collected in 2005 and even farther back in time? Because to a certain extent, that’s how it is in any kind of study. It has to be set up, the plans have […]

Twin Epidemics: Childhood Obesity and Diabetes, Part 2


When generalized statements are made about diabetes, it pretty much means Type 2, because 9/10ths (maybe more) of the patients are afflicted by Type 2. A recently released study by the Centers for Disease Control found that in some American cities, diabetes has doubled. If that sounds alarming, try this: “China Diabetes Triples Creating $3.2 […]

Twin Epidemics: Childhood Obesity and Diabetes


In the realm of childhood obesity research, one of the big perplexing mysteries is the relationship between childhood obesity and diabetes. What exactly is going on there? How do cause and effect apply? Is it a vicious cycle? Take the United States. “Dramatic increases” is the term used by Reuters correspondent Julie Steenhuysen to describe […]

Childhood Obesity? Forget About It.


The Domestic Policy Council wants to slice $193 billion from SNAP outlays over the next 10 years, and make the states pay for 25% of the remaining need.

Obesity and Food Addiction Terminology Roundup


Language matters. There is an obesity epidemic, and there is nothing wrong with calling it that.

Childhood Obesity and the World Wide Web


The capacity of various social media platforms to play a positive role in affecting the rate of childhood obesity is enormous.

Questions of Terminology for Obesity and Addiction


Since disordered overeating so often leads to obesity — why isn’t obesity considered a psychological problem — and an eating disorder?

Functional Medicine and Obesity


Trauma and epidemics are different from chronic illness because nothing is more subjective than chronic illness, and every case is rife with individual factors.

Obesity Villain Suspect — BPA


Studies show that Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor and contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic.

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