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Here is a very exciting development. Dr. Robert Pretlow’s “Addiction To Highly Pleasurable Food as a Cause of The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: A Qualitative Internet Study” will be published in the summer edition of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. The study, which will appear in Volume 19, #4 (In Press) July/Aug/Sept 2011, […]

It’s Official: Food Addiction Is Real

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Well, better late than never! Dr. Robert A. Pretlow, numerous other medical professionals, and very many obese people (whose experiences were previously dismissed as “anecdotal evidence” and “non-validated data”) have been saying for years that food addiction is as real as any other officially identified addiction. It is a problem most appropriately viewed through the […]

Healthy Choices Act Introduced by Lawmakers

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The “Healthy Choices Act” was introduced last week by the U.S. Rep. Ron Kind and three other Congressional co-sponsors, journalist Karlene Lukovitz tells us via MediaPost. This bill hopes to address the nation’s obesity epidemic in a thorough and hopefully positive way. The chairman of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Rick Wolford, described the bill with […]

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