Childhood Obesity and Starbucks: What’s Up With That?

Starbucks Freak

Every now and then, some part of the food industry proves to be head and shoulders above the rest. In the realm of addictiveness, for instance, one of the unquestioned leaders is Starbucks. Back in 2006, The Wall Street Journal reporter Janet Adamy took on the retail giant in a piece called “Getting the Kids […]

George Ball: “Nothing to Lose But Our Waistlines”

Burpee 1901

Many people realize that childhood obesity is a serious and growing problem, and many even ask, “But what can we do about it?” For parents, a great, big, wonderful answer is: Grow veggies! We’re looking today at a recent opinion piece in the The Wall Street Journal, written by George Ball, who urges us to make […]

“Jelly and the Donuts” Vs. Childhood Obesity

Jelly and the Donuts

Childhood obesity is such a complicated problem that we need to come at it from every possible direction, and chip away at it from any angle that looks promising. Dr. Pretlow has been calling attention to the fact that food addiction is real, and needs to be treated like any other addiction. Many young people […]

Home Cooking Can Be Frontline Defense Against Obesity

Escarole in a Colander

The Nurturing Nutritionist is a pediatric dietician who treats children and families. At her website, we find a guest post by Beryl Henzy. It’s called “Part 1: Kitchen Essentials for Easy Cooking.” Have you ever been to a wedding and thought, “What are these kids going to do with a crystal vase? What they need […]

Obesity Tales: Walk a Mile in My 46"-Waist Track Pants

Plus size mannekin

Let’s check in with some people who have experienced childhood obesity or observed it from a nearby vantage point. Jane Shure is a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and the transformation of shame. She trains healthcare professionals and gives workshops in making peace with food and body image, and she’s a former fat kid. In […]

Obese Kids Still Targeted by Bullying


How many excuses can a bully find for picking on another kid? Well let’s see, there’s color, religion, sex, economic status, and, of course, size. And childhood obesity isn’t even the issue here, obesity being defined as a Body Mass Index at or above the 95th percentile. A kid can qualify as a victim with […]

Why Parents Don't Want to Hear About Food Addiction, Part 4

fat kid with donuts

Ever since Freud, parents just can’t seem to catch a break. Every time we turn around, somebody finds another reason to blame us for yet another deficiency in our children. Like in the picture here, why is this rather chunky boy wearing a necklace of doughnuts? However, we can’t prevent or find out about a lot […]

Television Advertising and Childhood Obesity, Part 3

my television my rules

There are two really good reasons to limit screen time for kids (and grownups too). Reason Number One: If you’re facing a monitor, you’re probably sitting still. Reason Number Two: If you aspire to sane eating habits, network television will try your patience and crumble your resolve. TV commercials are slick, persuasive, and dangerous. It […]

Summertime and Childhood Obesity

Chinese Buddha

As we head into autumn, let’s take a moment for summertime nostalgia, and for reflection on a problem that can increasingly be called worldwide. For instance, whatever else we may or may not have in common with China, both countries unquestionably face an increasing childhood obesity problem. In a China Daily story by Yang Yijun […]

Fat Boy Thin Man: Michael Prager

Fat Boy Thin Man

Fat Boy Thin Man is Michael Prager’s memoir of “a fat and troubled childhood that lasted almost 35 years.” He spent more than 10 years over the 300-pound mark. When Prager hit 365, he opted for standard addiction treatment, just like any substance abuser might, upon realizing that he’s in the grip of a lower […]

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