Why Parents Don't Want to Hear About Food Addiction, Part 4

fat kid with donuts

Ever since Freud, parents just can’t seem to catch a break. Every time we turn around, somebody finds another reason to blame us for yet another deficiency in our children. Like in the picture here, why is this rather chunky boy wearing a necklace of doughnuts? However, we can’t prevent or find out about a lot […]

Stress Eating Is Hereditary

They Can't Be Comfortable

This really should come as no surprise to anyone, but now it’s official: Stressed out teens are more likely to be overweight or obese, especially if they live with a mom who also feels frazzled… Fathers figure in this psychological dynamic, too, in a bit more complicated way. The point is, this has been known […]

Thoughts About Real Kids and Real Food


Liz Snyder is full of ideas for healthier families, and she shares several of them in her fascinating article about kids and food. Snyder has a Master’s degree in nutritional anthropology, and she describes herself as a food activist. Snyder’s special concern is nutrition in schools, and she is also very interested in what the […]

Obese Kids Don't Need Taunts or Nagging

Beryl again

This profile on CNN Health turns a sociological eye upon the life of an overweight child named Claudia Garza. Actually, Garza is a grownup now; a citizen journalist who recounted her story for iReport, the section of CNN generated by the public. Then her story was incorporated into a piece by writer and producer Madison […]

Moms and Childhood Obesity

Kids in Peril

Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re a Mom, we hope your special holiday is a terrific one this year and every year! We know what you want more than anything — for your kids to be healthy and happy. So here’s our Mother’s Day gift to you: the knowledge that it’s within your power to help […]

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