Live-In Addiction Programs and Permanent Change


Many live-in addiction treatment centers include food addiction in their agenda, and a place called Shades of Hope, located in Buffalo Gap, Texas, specializes in “eating disorders and co-occurring addictions.” Oprah Winfrey is profiling this center in her new series, “Addicted to Food.” Here is the center’s definition of food addiction: Food addiction is loss […]

Facets of Emotional Eating

Free for Chubbies

When considering the obesity epidemic, more and more people are making the mind/body connection. David M. Dunkley, assistant professor in the Psychiatry department at McGill University, is also a clinician and researcher at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. While following 170 patients with binge eating disorder, Dunkley and his colleagues have discovered that: … [T]he severity of […]

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