Health and Quality of Life Are Inseparable


Yesterday Childhood Obesity News looked at information indicating that when teenagers lose weight, their QOL (Quality of Life) scores rise. For a lot of teens, both obesity and depression are persistent coexisting conditions, although one or the other might arise first. An obese adolescence is worse for boys. Or maybe it’s worse for girls. “Results […]

Quality of Life Research from the NOO

Young and Hopeless

In Britain they have a thing called the National Obesity Observatory (NOO) through which the government publishes the results of research concerning overweight and obesity. To gather information, the NOO operates the National Child Measurement Programme, whose data it analyses and interprets, and then advises health care practitioners and policy makers. The NOO published a […]

More on Childhood Obesity and Quality of Life


As yesterday’s Childhood Obesity News post noted, quality of life has been a subject of concern for quite a long time in the study of youth obesity. Sometimes, in the midst of all the journal articles and lab results and optimistically designed programs, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that millions of children […]

Childhood Obesity and Quality of Life


A little over 10 years ago, research was done on the quality of life experienced by children in various life situations. The starting point was a prior study that had compared the quality of life experienced by young cancer patients with children who suffered from congenital heart disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes. […]

Liz Snyder and the Life-Changing Day

Live Aloha 2010

Know any “Moms of the Revolution”? Well, you do now: Liz Snyder, who was awarded that title by Kiwi Magazine because of her Full Circle Farm project, which is organic, sustainable, and educational. Also very educational is Collective Roots, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids in East Palo Alto, California, to grow food, and, more […]

The Tribal Urge to Belong


Could it be that more obese people experience a higher quality of life because they come closer every day to being a part of the majority?

Are Obese Kids Miserable? Maybe.


One of the big mysteries of obesity is whether the children and teenagers are happy or not, and how obesity affects their quality of life.

Motivation: Elusive and Mysterious


The quality of life experienced by obese kids is about the same as that of kids suffering from cancer.

Where Does Psychiatry Stand?


Since most obesity results from overeating, which should be defined as an eating disorder, is it most effectively treated by the mental health professionals?

Are Obese Kids Miserable? No.


There are so many ways for obesity to negatively impact a young life, it seems unlikely that anyone could remain emotionally unaffected.

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