Professionals and Nutritional Awareness


As highly-regarded authority figures doctors are often expected to lead by example, and nutrition education in med school cannot be underestimated.

Everything You Know About Obesity Awareness Is Wrong


A University of Liverpool study found that when people are aware of being overweight they’re more likely to gain weight. Is ignorance bliss?

Too Much Awareness?


Is there such a thing as too much awareness? One study showed that people who perceive themselves to be overweight are at greater risk for weight gain.

Childhood Obesity Awareness in New Jersey and Beyond


In New Jersey, nearly one child in four is overweight or obese. The local YMCA’s Healthy U program offers parents anti-obesity guidelines.

Awareness Month — a Good Time for Change


In honor of the Childhood Obesity Month, Childhood Obesity News has been looking at long-term effects of bad parenting decisions.

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Is In Session


September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Let’s look at the childhood obesity prevention suggestions found at

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month


One obstacle to activism is the human tendency to become fed up. A cause can raise awareness, then reach a point of diminishing returns and even develop an emotional backlash. People get compassion fatigue. More than five years ago, Neville Rigby wrote for The Guardian: We have obesity awareness with almost daily headlines, and continual […]

Can Microbiome Awareness Solve Everything?

Human Microbiome Project

A fecal bacteria transplant, to make an obese human lean—what a bizarre notion! But what if it turns out to be valid? Should we all immediately rejoice and declare the war on obesity won? Absolutely not. Even when equipped with winning microbes, people are susceptible to all kinds of competing influences. In the Gordon lab […]

How to Observe Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

i got dizzy

Much of our current understanding of the childhood obesity crisis comes from highly respected institutions. To pick a random example, after research was done at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health, the authors made suggestions about what two different groups should do. They would like to see a collaboration between the […]

Childhood Obesity Awareness Should Focus on Prevention

October 4 work day

One year ago, during Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the most recent Childhood Obesity Prevention Summit was attended by nearly 300 state and local policy makers, and even some representatives of federal agencies. Other advocates of childhood obesity prevention included members of community organizations, as well as academics and professionals. The public relations material described the […]

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