Halloween — a Paradigm Shift

Here’s a quick rundown of the insidious ways Halloween could do harm, along with some suggestions for “best practices.”

Here It Comes Again – Halloween

It may be a bit late to make any significant changes in a family’s Halloween traditions this year, but it’s never to early to start planning for next year. Scoffers think, why make such a big deal out of it? Here is why, according to Emily Schwartz Greco in the San Diego Free Press: Americans […]

Halloween Attitudes

For anyone who hasn’t had enough Halloween lore in our recent compendia of past Halloween posts, there is plenty more where that came from. At this time of year the blogosphere, the zeitgeist, and the cultural milieu all seem to focus intensely on Halloween, and they don’t all think the same way. In regard to […]

Halloween Roundup, Continued

Halloween isn’t here yet, so there is still time to consider new strategies. But maybe the super-size sacks of candy have already been bought. That particular type of early preparedness is definitely not a good idea, by the way. As we have mentioned before,  a very real danger exists that someone will start nibbling early, […]

Halloween Roundup

There is still time to plan for a reasonable response to the annual sugar festival known as Halloween. Childhood Obesity News has amassed a great number of hints and strategies that an overwhelmed parent or teacher might find useful to help do things differently in 2015. “Rethinking Halloween with SAAD” looks at some goofy costumes […]

My Halloween, by Curly: a Suggestive Fiction

Mom had to work on Halloween, so Dad fixed up our party. While it was still light out, five of my friends came over in their costumes. There were some carrot sticks and celery sticks for us to eat, which was kind of was lame, but Larry and Charlotte both ate some, so whatever. Anyway, we […]

Experiment with Halloween

Dr. Pretlow happened upon an interesting American Dental Association study that has positive implications for someday transforming Halloween into a sugar-free festival. The Halloween Consumer Study asked kids what parts of Halloween they like most, with surprising results. Childhood Obesity News has been exploring ways to use the new knowledge in accomplishing two aims: to reduce […]

Halloween — Distract and Divert

Childhood Obesity News has been exploring the possibility of a society-wide adjustment in the theory and practice of Halloween. Every year it becomes more popular as a secular holiday with an enormous potential for enjoyment. As individuals and families — and as a society — maybe, one year at a time, we can inch it further […]

Halloween — There Is Still Time

Dr. Pretlow and many more doctors, members of other health and caring professions, parents, and anti-obesity activists — what do they all have in common? A hope that Halloween can be transmogrified from an excuse to consume mass quantities of sweets to a different kind of holiday altogether. Parents can do a lot to divert and […]

Halloween Advance Strategy

Anyone who hasn’t yet heard enough about Halloween is in the right place, because Childhood Obesity News has plenty more on tap. Parents, think back to previous Halloweens, especially last year. Did you make any notes to yourself about doing things differently? Because individuals and families vary greatly, nothing works for everybody, but it is […]