Big Bottoms, Wide Loads, and Childhood Obesity

Wide Load

The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination (CSWD) has issued a statement of its position on obesity, discrimination, prejudice, equality, business best practices, false advertising, economic exploitation, negative publicity, and other aspects of the airline seating controversy. The CSWD also suggests several varieties of consumer and citizen activism for those who feel that the airlines […]

News Cycles, Economics, and the Ergonomics of Obesity


Every now and then, the subject of wide seats will float to the top of public consciousness. It came up again earlier this year, when a group called Theatre Projects Consultants speculated about whether, at an average of 22″, the seats in performing arts centers are wide enough. Obesity was not their only concern in […]

Obesity Spurs Growing Need for Bigger Seats

Fat bottomed girls again

Because of big bottoms, theater owners are taking it on the chin. This issue may seem frivolous, but to struggling businesses and grant-supported institutions, it’s as serious as an obesity-induced heart attack. As budgets get smaller, customers get bigger, and any meaningful renovation of the premises now has to include new seating. Of course, not […]