Weight-Loss Drugs — Bait and Switch?

People have all kinds of reasons to pursue weight loss, but then they might discover they have been sold a life-long chemical dependency.

Weight-Loss Drugs, Exercise, and General Functionality

While taking obesity management drugs it is essential to maintain a high level of exercise to not only lose fat but build muscle mass.

Weight-Loss Drugs and Exercise

Weight-loss drugs are intended to be used along with deliberate diet modification and perpetual exercise, but not everyone wants to hear it.

Weight-Loss Drugs, Safety, and the Brain

People might tend to think that if the FDA approves something, then it must be okay. As an antidote to that delusion consider this.

Weight-Loss Drugs and Pregnancy

The semaglutide drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, intended to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity, respectively, are a risky bet for pregnant people.

Are the Weight-loss Drugs Worth It?

Under optimal conditions and with mindful compliance, what can be expected from weight-loss drugs?

What Else Can Weight Loss Drugs Do?

The avoidance of side effects might depend on a person’s shunning of entire categories of food while using tirzepatide.

Guidelines Backlash, the Biggies — Drugs, Part 3

The weight-loss drugs have one thing in common: Nobody knows the results of starting at a young age and staying on them for years.

Guidelines Backlash, the Biggies — Drugs, Part 2

“Side effect” is a tricky term, since a drug can have a side effect that is considered positive. Let’s look at some medications approved to treat obesity.

Guidelines Backlash, the Biggies — Drugs, Part 1

Now that the AAP has recommended weight-loss meds for teens and maybe even children, what kind of pharmaceuticals are we talking about here?