Healthy Weight Week and BrainWeighve, Part 1

We mentioned National Healthy Weight Week, and today’s post focuses on the to-do list provided by Flushing Hospital, in aid of making it the healthiest. Let’s look at their suggestions and see how the BrainWeighve phone app can help to apply these helpful ideas.

Weigh yourself

As the Flushing Hospital experts say, “Regular weight check-ins can help you maintain your desired weight.” BrainWeighve encourages daily weighing, and keeping track of it is one of the functions the app performs excellently. But this does not seem to be required, and there are plenty of ways to benefit from the app while establishing a firm footing. A person might want to wait for a while, and maybe start weighing in at some future date.

Set a goal

The source article suggests a goal that is “specific, measurable and realistic,” so in this context it will probably be measured in pounds. If pinning down your intention too precisely makes you nervous, this is not mandatory. Or, you could set one goal now and then revise it at a future time. If you aim for a goal weight, is it realistic? Your doctor is the best guide in this department, so ask. To have the goal be measurable is the easy part. That is what scales are for!

But maybe being poundage-focused is simply not a good fit for you, and that’s okay. There are a number of possible goals to choose from. Maybe your goal is to be absolutely strict about portion control, to concentrate on that aspect above everything else, and to amass an enormous number of days in a row where you have practiced impeccable portion control. Nothing is wrong with that.

If your goal is No Snacking, the app has got your back. There are solid plans for snack avoidance, which attack from many angles. Make a complete survey of your particular problem foods. By examining and cataloging your Triggers, become intimately acquainted with the weak spots where problems crawl in. Be honest about the occasions and circumstances that make you a likely target for the insidious pleasurable foods that lie in wait to fell you and drown you in quicksand. Make plans to avoid or face down those occasions and circumstances.

Any discussion of goals must segue neatly into the area of Motivation and, not surprisingly the BrainWeighve app has that angle covered too. It suggests ways to rescue yourself from sticky situations, and if you screw up, it has methods of helping you recover and turn the debacle into a learning experience so that next time, you can only do better.

It has ways to control any damage already done, and ways to face problems head-on and get them solved. There is advice about decision-making, dealing with bullies, studying for academic tests, and many more contingencies.

Be patient

In this case, patience consists of satisfaction with gradual, steady progress. There will be no fireworks, no marching band — it’s just quiet advancement, one step at a time, to the ultimate desired condition. And it can be done. It’s not like we never get any practice. We are used to waiting for some things — for vacation, for a new game to be released, for the day when we can get a learner’s permit and finally start driving. Hopefully, the things we patiently wait for turn out to be worthwhile. Re-making your body into one that you wear happily is definitely worth spending some patience on.

How does BrainWeighve reward patience? By keeping track of what shape you were in when you started, so you can look back and gloat about your progress. Also, patience may be strengthened by checking out the Meditation screen, the Serenity prayer screen, and other areas.

(To be continued…)

Your responses and feedback are welcome!

Source: “National Healthy Weight Week,”, 01/20/21

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