Salute to BrainWeighve’s Carly Hurt

Here is a shoutout to someone who has been an integral part of Dr. Pretlow’s projects for a long, long time. Now in her early 20s, Carly Hurt has used earlier iterations of BrainWeighve concepts for her own weight loss, and will serve as a teen coach for the clinical trial with the app. She says,

I was a part of one of Dr. P’s weight loss studies back in 2014-2015. The next year I started sharing my continued weight loss struggles with him and I began helping out with the gift of knowledge towards future studies and the app itself!

The information I have learned while working with the app has been an incredible part of my weight loss journey. Being able to share what I’ve learned about the displacement activity has not only helped me better understand it, but has helped me support those around me who also struggle with weight loss.

Carly has been awarded an associate degree with a concentration in psychology and is currently finishing up a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Last year, she married her high school sweetheart, and recently they were joined by a baby boy. They plan to “teach him from a young age how to deal with weight management the way our brains were wired to!”

Carly’s use of the displacement intervention is extensively covered in this presentation, beginning at Slide 28. Don’t miss Slide 31! In Slide 33, she emphasizes the importance of making concrete, detailed plans about how to handle various aspects of an unsatisfactory situation. Again, it is apparent that actually putting things in writing is the key to effectiveness. The brain seems to recognize a written intention as something like a contract with the self.

Childhood Obesity News has, of course, noted Carly’s contributions before. Her experiences were also featured in another post discussing these topics. The archived post called “Bully Wrangling” gives a picture of her own struggles in middle school. Basically, she has had firsthand experience with the situations she now counsels younger people about. Blessed with a very wise mother, she came to the realization that one reason some kids act so ugly is a reflection of their miserable home and family backgrounds.

Carly’s Corner has been a popular area of Dr. Pretlow’s W8Loss2Go site and it carries over into the BrainWeighve app, where her helpful videos are posted. “Bullying” is one. Others in her collection address such topics as Triggers, Boredom, Displacement, Shame, Openness and Honesty, Slip-ups, and Motivation.

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