A BrainWeighve Roundup

Here is a list of our posts — so far — about various aspects of the upcoming BrainWeighve mobile application. It’s not only a toolbox, it’s a whole workshop full of tools. The app was developed by experts in the field of childhood obesity. Still, its usefulness is by no means limited to children, even if the term is stretched to the medical definition of “pediatrics” extending to the 21st year.

There is no reason why college-age young people can’t find value in BrainWeighve, or at least some of its features. Adults can benefit too. Because, in all honesty, who couldn’t use more self-awareness? Knowledge of one’s own self, patterns, destructive habits, and the sneaky tricks that our brains play on us for good and for ill — all these factors and many more play roles in our health.

BrainWeighve gets young children off to a great start, and offers terrific help for kids in the teen years which, at last report, have not become any easier to navigate. Adults who have struggled all their lives, who might have given up, could find that it offers them another chance.

So, on with the up-to-date list of BrainWeighve-related posts so far, with capsule descriptions:

“What in the World Is BrainWeighve?”
BrainWeighve is a new phone app in its final stages of development by Dr. Pretlow and his team. Today, we discuss some of the basic ideas behind it.

“The Advantages of a Mobile Application for Weight Loss”
In their study, Drs. Prelow and Glasner have shown that a smartphone application can short-circuit the displacement mechanism when used during peak stress.

“BrainWeighve, Self-Esteem, and Self-Awareness”
Self-awareness is the key to unlocking doors that you may not even realize exist.

“Let’s Talk about BrainWeighve”
This post is for anyone who considers using the BrainWeighve app. Let’s take a brief part of the manual, and break it down into meanings.

“To the Teen People”
Clinical trials of the BrainWeighve phone app are being organized at the University of California, Los Angeles. Stay tuned!

“To the Teen People, More”
People like to help other people. Even if your cases are not the same, with BrainWeighve you can get ideas, or at least a useful notion that coping is possible.

“Teen People, This Is 4U”
The BrainWeighve app points out that overflowing brain energy is likely to be burned off in a useless and even harmful way, like overeating.

For many people, emotional damage inspires them to break glass or yell at somebody. In others, it inspires hunger.

“School Then and Now”
Food in schools has always been a fertile area for teasing, and a potential source of shame.

“School Then and Now, Continued”
Educational institutions are rife with psychological trauma as part of the daily background stress, sometimes resulting in depression and emotional eating.

“What in the World is a Dread List?”
It is quite likely that a person’s overeating problems stem from mental frustration with situations that seem insoluble. Learn how this app can help.

“What in the World Is a Dread List? (Continued)”
One of the ways BrainWeighve works is by combining the powers of a Dread List with a set of corresponding Action Plans.

“More Dread and Action”
To help create the BrainWeighve app, many peers have shared the insights gained from their successful experiences with reversing or avoiding obesity.

“Suggestions and Sharing”
There are ways to stop the buildup of overflow nervous energy in your brain, to short-circuit the displacement mechanism that causes overeating.

“Let’s Talk Morbidity”
Seven out of 10 top causes of death in the USA are chronic or long-term conditions; in other words, morbidities.

Your responses and feedback are welcome!

Image by Ellaine Cruz/CC BY-ND 2.0

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