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The BrainWeighve Welcome page tells what it expects from you, and what you can expect from it. For instance,

For in-the-moment, immediate stressful situations with eating urges, you should tap the Rescue button. The Rescue area asks you what is stressing you out the most in your life, at that moment, and then helps you come up with an Action Plan.

A person often feels alone in a problem, and a few even think they must be absolute freaks, because it’s just not possible that anybody has ever been so messed up before. The thing is, they are mistaken in that belief. Chances are, plenty of others face it too — whatever it is — and many of them have a head start toward figuring it out. A lot of the figure-outers are willing to share how they grappled with issues and fought them to a standstill.

Adults are aware that a kid would believe another kid, over an adult. And some grownups tend to upset themselves about how kids influence each other in unhealthy ways. They talk about “peer group pressure” as if it were a totally bad thing. But let’s use a kinder, gentler word and talk about peer influence instead.

At the end of this paragraph, just shrug

Now, here is where this gets really juicy. To help create the BrainWeighve app, many peers have taken the time to share the insights gained from their successful experiences with reversing or avoiding obesity. Also, in the tradition of Dr. Pretlow’s Weigh2Rock website, the app itself continues to accept input from users, to share with noobs and veterans alike, about what works. Of course, not every approach is guaranteed to work for everyone, all the time. Nothing ever is. (Cue shrug).

Some things do work, well enough and often enough to make them worth telling other people about. So, instead of peer group pressure, let’s talk about peer group treasure. Okay, the rhyme isn’t perfect, but it’s the beat that counts, anyway.

Or, consider peer group pleasure. Imagine a collection of people a lot like you, who have gone through some stuff and come out the other side. And they’re happy to share the cheat code! Okay, the comparison is not exact. We would never recommend cheating of any kind. It’s only a figure of speech. In fact, an idea that changes your life might turn out to be as much fun as getting away with something outrageous. (Not that anyone here would advise trying that either.)

The point being…

Others who have walked this path left little keys to success along the way, hidden beneath stones, in tree bark crevices, and in rock niches. They did this on purpose, for you to find, because they are so happy with their new selves, they can’t help wanting to share the wealth. If your philosophical worldview tends in that direction, chances are that before too long, you yourself will be in a position to improve the world by sharing your hard-earned knowledge.

No, there is not one big Key to Success. It’s a variety of little keys that have worked for somebody, and even for a lot of somebodies, and any one of them just might make your life a different place.

Your responses and feedback are welcome!

Image by Jeremy Segrott/CC BY 2.0

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