What in the World Is a Dread List?

As we have seen, it is quite likely that a person’s overeating problems stem from mental frustration with situations that seem insoluble. While commonplace frustration is intensely annoying, the real trouble starts when two competing drives are battling it out in your head. What a waste of energy. Speaking of which, let’s take a peek at the BrainWeighve App User Manual:

Nervous energy builds up in your brain to either deal with or avoid the situation, and this brain energy overflows or is “displaced” to your feeding drive, causing you to overeat. It’s a normal part of your brain that goes rogue…

The thing is, all that unruly brain power can be roped back into the corral, and harnessed. Use it to define and pin down your troublesome scenarios, and compose your own personal Dread List. But wait, that’s not all! The next step (and this is where your full creativity and originality have a chance to shine) is to make an Action Plan for each contingency.

Okay, that is one thing that stops the overflow production of brain energy. But there is so much more. As the manual stated, “Also, you will learn to rechannel the overflow brain energy to non-harmful displacement behaviors…”

What’s not to like?

Anyway, back to the notion of competing drives. Often, it seems there are only two choices, neither of them good. From the affected person’s point of view, facing this situation engenders a feeling that might be expressed as, “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.” When others observe someone who seems to be at an impasse, experiencing paralysis of the will, they might also find things to say, which are not always kind.

A corny old remark is relatively polite: “Fish or cut bait!” There is also a much more popular but quite vulgar phrase we can’t even say here, but everybody has heard it. Another variation that means pretty much the same thing is, “Put up or shut up!”

It’s bad enough that other people say these things, but when it gets to where you are saying them to yourself, something needs to be done. What might that thing be? Well, two things, actually. Make a Dread List, and make Action Plans.

Yes, you can

In many lives, the dilemma created by opposing drives will generate such urgency that a person will build a whole philosophy around it. For instance, they will declare that a bold move, even if it turns out wrong, is better than a timid refusal to do anything.

But consider this: What if you make a bold move and it turns out to be right? Even splendidly, spectacularly right! That is the best of all possible worlds. Imagine the triumph of making the bold move to, for instance, get serious about resisting obesity. Imagine giving it an honest, earnest try for six months. Now, soak up BrainWeighve’s pitch:

The app helps you deal with both immediate and ongoing difficult life situations and resulting eating urges.

(To be continued…)

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