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Welcome to Childhood Obesity News, the blog of Dr. Robert Pretlow. This site explores the many physical, social, political, and personal effects of the global childhood obesity crisis. We look at new research that points toward addictive eating behavior and also look at Dr. Pretlow’s research in the field.

An overview of recent topics:

Sugar Addiction

A four-part series looking at the impact of sugar addiction on children and adults:

Part 1 – literal cost of sugar, including yearly government subsidies worth $65 million
Part 2 – the controversy around fructose
Part 3 – how far sugar impacts our population (75 million Americans with metabolic syndrome!)
Part 4 – how costly sugar addiction is for American health, especially in terms of cancer (10 years from now, the annual cost of American cancer is predicted to be $158 billion!)

Motivation and Self Image

Formerly Fat (a multi-part series) includes profiles of many, including actor Corey Stoll and writer/producer Matt Mira.

Stress and Weight

Children, Grownups, Stress and Obesity (a multi-part series)
Boredom as a Stressor
Stress and Displacement Activity

Dr. Pretlow’s Obesity Research

We cover Dr. Pretlow’s latest research and conference presentations, too. Here are a few:

A Selection of Conference Papers
Food Addiction in Children
Dr. Pretlow’s App Study

If you would like to contact Dr. Pretlow, or have questions, please see our FAQ page.

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Profiles: Kids Struggling with Weight

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The Book

OVERWEIGHT: What Kids Say explores the obesity problem from the often-overlooked perspective of children struggling with being overweight.

About Dr. Robert A. Pretlow

Dr. Robert A. Pretlow is a pediatrician and childhood obesity specialist. He has been researching and spreading awareness on the childhood obesity epidemic in the US for more than a decade.
You can contact Dr. Pretlow at:


Dr. Pretlow’s invited presentation at the American Society of Animal Science 2020 Conference
What’s Causing Obesity in Companion Animals and What Can We Do About It

Dr. Pretlow’s invited presentation at the World Obesity Federation 2019 Conference:
Food/Eating Addiction and the Displacement Mechanism

Dr. Pretlow’s Multi-Center Clinical Trial Kick-off Speech 2018:
Obesity: Tackling the Root Cause

Dr. Pretlow’s 2017 Workshop on
Treatment of Obesity Using the Addiction Model

Dr. Pretlow’s invited presentation for
TEC and UNC 2016

Dr. Pretlow’s invited presentation at the 2015 Obesity Summit in London, UK.

Dr. Pretlow’s invited keynote at the 2014 European Childhood Obesity Group Congress in Salzburg, Austria.

Dr. Pretlow’s presentation at the 2013 European Congress on Obesity in Liverpool, UK.

Dr. Pretlow’s presentation at the 2011 International Conference on Childhood Obesity in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr. Pretlow’s presentation at the 2010 Uniting Against Childhood Obesity Conference in Houston, TX.

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