The Many Voices in a Breastfeeding Debate

The Blessed Virgin Breastfeeding

The Let’s Move! program and First Lady Michelle Obama have plenty of ideas about ending childhood obesity, and one of them is the importance of breastfeeding. Yesterday we brought up some of the problems encountered by the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States.) The public may experience either strong feelings or ambivalence, both of […]

Wake Up and Smell the Food Addiction

In the Food Line

“Is food addiction real?” This question is posed by Jennifer LaRue Huget in The Washington Post, and it is a question relevant to numerous other journalists, health professionals, educators, bureaucrats, researchers, parents across the nation, and, yes, the world. It’s also an important question to an ever-growing population of children who are experiencing obesity and […]

Why Parents Don't Want to Hear About Food Addiction, Part 3

Hear No Evil

Once the food addiction paradigm has been introduced, some conclusions follow, whether fair or not is yet to be decided. One conclusion is that parents who leave a child’s food addiction untreated, to the point of morbid obesity, are just as culpable as parents who encourage and enable a nicotine habit in a minor. […]