Weight Loss Surgery, Part 4


Why does food have such a powerful effect on people? Overeating and consequent obesity can lead to a juncture in life’s pathway where surgery becomes a very real possibility. The relationship between a person and food can get really twisted. There are people who actually gain weight intentionally, so they can qualify for surgery under […]

Childhood Obesity Conflict of Interest: A Case Study

Medical Conflicts

In the realm of discourse about childhood obesity, people who think about it at all tend to think about it a lot. People who have opinions about it often have very strong opinions. A whole area of dialogue stems from neither thought nor opinion, but from what is in a person’s stock portfolio or who […]

Pop Culture and Obesity: "Fat Girls"

Fat Girls

In 2006, a feature film called Fat Girls was released. The story takes place in Texas, one of the worst states in America for a gay teen, especially a boy who aspires to the Broadway stage. Rodney, the main character, is played by a 20-year-old Ash Christian, who also wrote and directed, which is an […]

Sustaining Life in a Food Desert

N. Eighth Street Miles City

A recent New York Times report by Rachel Cromidas, on the rough Chicago neighborhood of Englewood, quotes a neighborhood resident who says, “Shopping at a corner store is too expensive, and they don’t sell stuff every day, so you have to check the dates on the cans to make sure you get fresh items.” Did […]