Reddit Tackles Fat-Shaming

Recently, to the astonishment of some and the relief of others, the gigantic Reddit website permanently banned five forums, or subreddits, of which two were devoted to fat-shaming. One of them, r/HamPlanetHatred, had only about 3,000 members while the other, r/FatPeopleHate, boasted nearly 150,000. Caitlin Dewey described them for the Washington Post: r/HamPlanetHatred In their […]

The Fatlogic Mindset

Alex Brecher, who has successfully maintained a loss of more than 100 pounds for over a decade, vouches for the efficacy of lap-band surgery. Having come across them so often himself, Brecher is uniquely qualified to expose examples of fatlogic. He does so with a briskly humorous approach and offers very sensible suggestions on how […]

Fatlogic Can Be Weird

The Reddit website has a section called Fat People Stories, which features a special vocabulary. An obese person is a “hambeast” or “hamplanet,” and the obesity itself is referred to as a “condishun.” A state of mind known as the “hamentality” can include a skewed rationale called “fatlogic,” a fallacious sense of entitlement, downright rudeness, […]

Therapy and the Formerly Obese

[boy looks askance at woman, with caption 'So you're telling me ... people pay people to tell them to eat less?]

Depression can be caused by interpersonal difficulties, and can in turn can cause further difficulties in getting along with other people. For people prone to overeating, this can result in a vicious cycle where social malaise causes unhealthy eating patterns, which in turn lead to more problematic social interactions. Any childhood obesity intervention needs to take […]

Some Aspects of Anti-Obesity Drugs

The highest anti-obesity aspiration should not be to sell the most user-friendly weight-loss potion, but to help people start out fit and stay fit.

Creating a Normal-Weight Future

A child who never becomes overweight is far less likely to become an obese teen or a morbidly obese adult.

Welcome to Childhood Obesity News

Welcome to Childhood Obesity News, the blog of Dr. Robert Pretlow. This site explores the many physical, social, political, and personal effects of the global childhood obesity crisis. We look at new research that points toward addictive eating behavior and also look at Dr. Pretlow’s research in the field. An overview of recent topics: Sugar Addiction […]

Condition or Condishun?

Genetics, or fatlogic? Condition, or condishun? It seems like a new “fat gene” is revealed every other week. Nevertheless skeptics, many of them formerly fat, accuse their obese brethren of lying, or at the very least, of self-deception. The derisive term “condishun” is used by Reddit users against those who assign blame for their obesity […]

Childhood Obesity, Motivation, and the Mind

Alice Girl Face Sad

Recently Childhood Obesity News talked about obesity’s ghost — the tendency of former fat kids to be haunted by the specter of their younger selves. They sometimes suffer from insecurity and heightened anxiety, and even from weird fears like going to sleep normal sized and waking up weighing twice as much. Media personality Alison Rosen […]

Children’s Clothes — Robust or Obese?


Journalist Frances Childs was an obese teenager, with stomach and thighs marked by purple stretch marks, wearing long full skirts to school because no store carried jeans in her size. Childs says: So, when I see fat children, I know how they feel: uncomfortable and ashamed in their own bodies. It’s a shame that never […]