Ambivalently Formerly Fat

April Herndon, a proponent of the “Health at Every Size” philosophy, lost 100 pounds and had to deal with some negative feedback and difficult consequences.

Formerly Fat—Nurse Bowick of Rochester

This is not just any “formerly fat” narrative. Theresa Bowick of Rochester, New York, attended the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (where she has subsequently returned to address the graduating class). After acquiring Licensed Practical Nurse credentials while working and raising a daughter, she went to community college for an associate degree in nursing. Then she […]

Famous and Formerly Fat – Matt Mira

Writer and producer Matt Mira is renowned for his work on Attack of the Show, The Nerdist, @midnight, Tosh.0, Math Bites, and numerous other projects. He was also a fat kid who only survived high school because, he says, “I was funny and I played football.” He also suffered from sleep apnea. Childhood Obesity News […]

Tales of the Formerly Fat

Childhood Obesity News has been looking into the lives and thoughts of some formerly obese people to see what can be learned. For a CNN iReport, Linda Roche shared the story of her earliest educational experiences: By the time I started kindergarten I already had serious body image issues… In grade school my best friend […]

Self-Image and the Formerly Fat

Sometimes, photographic images help to form people’s self-images, particularly around issues of obesity, but not always. Childhood Obesity News has looked at various strange relationships between people and their pictures. For the Good Men Project, Kimanzi Constable wrote of how he was first inspired to lose weight by his brother’s wedding in 2007. A tuxedo […]

More Advice from the Formerly Fat

[several layers of donuts with quote, 'Food is the most abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and exercise is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant ' --Bill Philips]

Dr. Pretlow has always emphasized the importance of identifying problem foods, and there is a very good reason for that recommendation. Many formerly obese patients, when faced with the seemingly overwhelming task of cutting down on food, have found an incredible advantage in narrowing the range by pinpointing the worst food villains. To work on […]

Advice from the Formerly Fat

The website Reddit is a font of crowd-sourced wisdom, where many people pass along the lessons they learned the hard way. In the “fat people stories” sections, the obese refer to themselves by the ruefully humorous term “hamplanet,” and this tip comes from a page called “You might be a hamplanet if…” It advises careful self-scrutiny […]

The Anxiety of the Formerly Fat

Back in the old days before everyone carried some kind of visual recording device 24/7, people could re-invent themselves. Before the Internet, it was possible for a movie star to go through an entire career without anyone ever being able to locate a copy of their high school yearbook to see how geeky they looked […]

When Fat-Shaming Works

Strangely, many people’s anecdotal accounts of weight loss include a remark to the effect that they would not have made the effort, if not for fat-shaming.

Fatlogic and Self-Deception

One of the most popular fatlogic tropes is the genetic theory. It is true that a certain amount of obesity is genetically determined. However, this is often seen as a poor excuse—not only by people who have no weight problem, but by formerly obese people who have “been there, done that” and no longer accept […]