The Epigenetics Obesity Dream

Obesity can be a “legacy” passed on to succeeding generations, not only for genetic reasons but for epigenetic ones.

Epigenetics and Grandkids

Research proves that some epigenetic changes can be passed along to children and even grandchildren.

What’s Up With Epigenetics?

As if the multi-factorial plague of obesity were not complicated enough already, it seems that epigenetics must be counted in the equation.

Antibiotics, Prematurity, Ototoxicity, Obesity, and Epigenetics

As Childhood Obesity News recently pointed out, deaf children are at greater risk of becoming obese, and that is only one aspect of a complicated five-way relationship between hearing loss, obesity, prematurity, antibiotics, and the passing along of somatic liabilities to descendents. One corner of the puzzle was described by Mathew Dearnaley for the New […]

Obesity Villains Examined

Over the years, Childhood Obesity News has pointed the finger at numerous villains who share varying degrees of culpability for obesity.

Obesity Villains Reconsidered

Obesity appears to follow the pattern of having not only a gigantic, pervasive cause or two, but an arsenal of little tricks to bring people under its sway.

Appetite Times Seven

Why do people eat when they are not hungry? Because of appetite, which is pretty much extrinsic.

Childhood Obesity and WIC

When it comes to obesity prevention, there is no such thing as starting too soon, and WIC is in a powerful position to impact the obesity epidemic.