The Unpleasant Secrets of Coke

Here we are in an obesogenic environment with a lot of obesogenic habits, and more to eat in a day than our great-grandpas had in a week.

Coke vs. Science

The Coca-Cola Company has a history of quite pushy behavior in regard to the federal government, resulting in what critics describe as a very cozy relationship.

Coke Legacies

There’s pushback against Coke and its arrogant corporate ways, including the “Holidays Are Coming” truck that the company wishes to make a cherished tradition.

Santa May Show Up; Coke May Not

In the U.K., more than 80 organizations signed a letter asking Coca-Cola to stop giving away sugary beverages via its truck holiday tour.

Coke’s Skeevy, Sleazy Ways

Coca-Cola Company has invested millions in research and misleading advertising campaigns tailored to deny the link between soda consumption and obesity.

More Disheartening Coke Tales

Whatever the soda industry is doing, it’s working. Kids in the U.K. (between ages 7 and 15) spend more money on soda than they do on games, toys, and hobbies.

Sad End for a Coke Friend

Brenda Fitzgerald, the former Public Heath Commissioner of Georgia and head of CDC, had owned stock in several tobacco companies, resulting in her resignation.

Coke, the People, and the Law

The Praxis lawsuit Childhood Obesity News discussed yesterday is by no means the only legal matter that Coke has been involved in lately.

Coke on the Rocks

The CSPI says that Coke and the American Beverage Association have spent a lot of money to attack any science that connects the dots between SSBs and obesity.

Laugh Your Way to Thin, Says Coke

Coca-Cola seems to blame the consumers for their obesity, heart problems and diabetes, expecting us to offset the damage from consuming sugary drinks ourselves.