BMI Takes Another Hit

According to its critics, the science of fat measurement just might wind up on the shelf with the science of phrenology.

Edmonton Obesity Staging System as BMI Alternative

Dr. Arya Sharma, who holds the opinion that “Health cannot be measured by stepping on a scale,” looked into the history of the body mass index standard of measurement. Like many other public health conventions, this one began with the military, way back in the mid-1800s. The Belgian mathematician, astronomer, and social statistician Adolphe Quételet published a […]

Doubts About BMI

Science marches on, which sometimes causes embarrassment when new information emerges. This might be the case with body mass index or BMI, which is generally taken to be the best feasible way of measuring the risk and degree of obesity in children. A downloadable PDF file from Shape Up America! describes how a screening program should […]

What Is This BMI?

What exactly is this BMI we hear so much about? A definition proffered by goes like this: Obesity is defined as an excessive amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass. This is generally calculated by physicians as body mass index (BMI), a formula that takes into account height. This is calculated […]