Hyperpalatable Foods: Science or Science Fiction? Part 3

Heart Shaped Potato Chip

Childhood obesity, adult obesity, food addiction, processed food, chemicals, and corporations… all these things and more are inextricably entwined, and their relationship gives rise to many questions. Like, are they putting stuff in food to make it addictive, on purpose? What is the probability level of that happening? There used to be a widespread urban […]

Young Activists, the Anti-Obesity Krew

fruit & vegetable basket

The more you follow the news about childhood obesity, the more unusual facts you learn. For instance, think of all the fruit and vegetables eaten by the Americans. An awful lot of that farm produce is grown in the “nation’s salad bowl.” Yet the San Joaquin Valley is California’s worst locale in terms of “food […]

Dr. John La Puma on Childhood Obesity

Dr. John LaPuma

In collaboration with Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. John La Puma taught the first cooking and nutrition course in the United States that was designed specifically for medical students. Then with Rebecca Marx, Dr. La Puma went on to found ChefMD, whose mission is to make healthy cooking easy, even for people who never cooked before […]

Anti-Obesity Rules and Unintended Consequences

Pizza Pie

Did you know that, in the United States, one out of three school districts offers its students items from a fast-food chain? It says so in a CNBC special report called “One Nation, Overweight” and compiled by Scott Wapner. The most common is a certain brand of pizza, which seems determined to make kids not only […]