Parents as Enablers and Saboteurs, Part 1

Happy Fat

Parents want to know what to do about childhood obesity. The answers are difficult ones because most of them involve a change in philosophical outlook and/or everyday behavior — a change made by parents, that is. When we parents set out to fix our kids, we often run up against the uncomfortable truth that we […]

Home Cooking Can Be Frontline Defense Against Obesity

Escarole in a Colander

The Nurturing Nutritionist is a pediatric dietician who treats children and families. At her website, we find a guest post by Beryl Henzy. It’s called “Part 1: Kitchen Essentials for Easy Cooking.” Have you ever been to a wedding and thought, “What are these kids going to do with a crystal vase? What they need […]

An Interview With Raj Patel

Junk Food on the Midway

Raj Patel is the author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System. Sadly, this interview with Patel was conducted not by us, but by Onnesha Roychoudhuri. Her work appears via Alternet, publisher of this piece, and in Salon, Mother Jones, and many other major publications. Patel’s book intends to stir […]