Blinded by the Fat

Far too many people have avoided health care providers because they have experienced misdiagnosis by doctors who traced every problem to the patient’s weight.

The Snackification of America

Even parents who don’t believe that kids need numerous feedings throughout the day are forced to be part of the problem. Just bring water? It’s not that simple.

Everything You Know About MSG Is Still Wrong

Desirable taste causes people to compulsively overeat, and compulsive overeating causes weight gain.

Everything You Know About MSG Is Wrong — Or Is It?

MSG goes by many aliases, appears in almost every processed food product, and is virtually inescapable.

MSG = Bad?

Some studies show processed MSG might be linked to childhood obesity.

Wheat Wars

Opinions vary wildly on whether eliminating wheat from your diet is necessary and would curb obesity.

Critics Protest, Believers Are Born

Because many diseases have revealed themselves to be multi-factorial, it is never a good idea to vilify one particular food group.

Debunking Dr. Davis

Sue Becker of The Bread Beckers Inc. reviews Dr. William Davis’ book “Wheat Belly,” but much of her criticism seems to stem from anecdotal evidence.

Bright Line Is Its Own Thing

Wheat is viewed as a problem food, a cause of unhealthy weight gain, and possibly even addictive by some. Bright Line Eating is not against wheat but all flour.

Shunning Wheat — a Larger Purpose

Childhood Obesity News is looking at the ideas of medical professionals working with patients who find it nearly impossible to quit wheat and/or gluten.