Is Assortative Mating an Obesity Villain?

Unlike many other factors suggested as obesity villains, assortative mating has increased rapidly and recently.

Obesity Villains Maybe, Indoors and Out

Celebrity chefs or obesity villains? You decide. Over the years, a number of “niche” obesity causes have been mooted, some of them pretty weird.

More Alleged Obesity Villains

Many substances have been suspected of contributing to childhood obesity, and antacid medications are among them. Grilling is also said to be problematic.

Obscure Purported Obesity Villains

Well over 100 substances, practices, and societal conditions have been blamed for contributing to the growth of childhood obesity.

Divorce As Obesity Villain

Various studies spotlighted links between child obesity and the mealtime quarreling, breakfast skipping, binge eating, and compulsive overeating.

Financially Connected Obesity Villains

Some of the suggested obesity causes stem from international trade policies that form the global food system, the market economy, and agricultural policies.

Alleged Obesity Villains: ADHD and ACEs

Research shows that the risk of adult obesity in females increases with a childhood ADHD diagnosis, and adversity trauma is linked to childhood obesity.

The Advent Calendar As Obesity Villain

Childhood Obesity News salutes the discovery of a new suspected obesity villain — the confectionary Advent calendar.

Obesity Villain: FTO

The FTO gene lives on chromosome 16 of typical humans, and some varieties of it seem to correlate with their obesity.

Income Inequality As Obesity Villain

When it comes to children’s diet and “nutritional inequality,” research shows socioeconomic factors and emotional issues play a role.