Children, Grownups, Stress, and Obesity (Part 5)

Sedentary Lifestyle

The yearly “Stress in America” report supplies an astonishing number of interesting statistics, many of which Childhood Obesity News has already discussed. For instance, one point made in the 2010 report was: Currently, tweens and teens report that they turn to sedentary behaviors to make themselves feel better when they are really worried or stressed, […]

Children, Grownups, Stress, and Obesity (Part 4)


As we know, almost anybody can go on a blitz diet, spend a summer at boot camp, or do any number of other things to quickly shed pounds. The problem is, the fat generally comes back. The short term and the long term are, in most cases, two very different propositions. The National Weight Control […]

Children, Grownups, Stress, and Obesity (Part 3)

Children at Play

To review for a moment, why does any of this matter? If children and teenagers feel stress, what’s the big deal? Some hardy, old-fashioned parents might say, “Stress is an unavoidable part of life, a condition they had better get used to because, as they get older, there is certain to be more of it, […]

Children, Grownups, Stress, and Obesity (Part 2)


Childhood Obesity News has been looking at the “Stress in America” surveys of recent years, as interpreted by the American Psychological Association. One disturbing finding, as we discussed, is that parents questioned in that particular study seem strangely oblivious to any realization of mental and emotional pain in their own children. This is especially true when […]

Children, Grownups, Stress, and Obesity (Part 1)

An annual “Stress in America” survey has been going on for some years now. It is far from comprehensive. In 2009, for instance, the replies of 1,568 adults were taken into account, and of 1,206 young people between the ages of 8 and 17. The respondents were a self-selected group of volunteers with Internet access. […]

Coronavirus Chronicles — COVID, Careers, and Kids

These are tough questions, complicated by incomplete information, misunderstandings, misplaced blame, and, from some quarters, heedless indifference.

Get Out in Front of Holiday Stress

One of the biggest favors we can do for posterity is to figure out how to navigate the holidays with grace and compassion — including compassion for ourselves.

Coronavirus Chronicles — Literal and Figurative Orphans

Currently, so many stresses work together to create a fraught environment for children, including factors that contribute to creating an obesogenic environment.

Wider Education and More Of It

Sleep corrupted by a constant barrage of noise is low-quality sleep, liked to obesity and harmful to both children and adults.

Coronavirus Chronicles — Is PTSD Another Pandemic?

Even back in June, predictions were being made of catastrophic results from school closures. Currently, none of the patchwork solutions is satisfactory.